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By Michael Overell - Aug. 20, 2013
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Our vision for RecruitLoop is to make hiring faster, simpler, and more efficient for everyone involved. Employers can engage professional recruiters with complete trust and transparency, at a fraction the cost of traditional methods. Independent recruiters have an exclusive platform to present themselves professionally, and serve clients in a new way.

To support that vision, we’ve released a complete redesign of our website, along with a major update to Recruiter Profiles. Recruiter Profiles now include some important new concepts, to increase transparency and give Employers more information upfront.

It’s not just a visual makeover. We’ve introduced several new concepts that should significantly improve your RecruitLoop experience:

  • Badges
  • Verification steps
  • Service Guarantee
  • ‘Where I Work’
  • Client and candidate references

Recruiter Badges

To recognise Recruiters who are more active in the network, we’ve introduced badges. They are ‘awarded’ based on the number of engagements completed on the RecruitLoop platform:

  • Active: 5+ projects
  • Pro: 15+ projects
  • Rockstar: 25+ projects

Recruiters’ badges are displayed prominently on their profile picture, along with their summary search results

Bernadette Eichner - Rockstar

Verification Steps

Every RecruitLoop Recruiter has been verified by our team. We have strict minimum requirements (e.g., 5-years professional experience), along with several qualitative steps that form our active ‘curation’ of the network. Previously, all Recruiters were verified to a similar standard. Now, we’re improving transparency around each of these steps.

As new Recruiters complete each step of verification with our team, it will be displayed on their profile. The steps include:

  • Profile approved (this is a minimum: we approve all profiles before going live)
  • LinkedIn Connection (when recruiters add the link to their profile)
  • Video interview completed
  • 2 x client references (provided and displayed on their profile)
  • 2 x candidate references (provided and displayed on their profile)
  • RecruitLoop training

Recruiters who complete every step are recognised as ‘Fully Verified’. We only recommend Fully Verified Recruiters as part of our RecruiterMatch Service.

Service Guarantee

RecruitLoop does not offer a traditional candidate guarantee (see why not). However, we have introduced a ‘Service Guarantee’, which is linked to the quality of service provided by your Recruiter (rather than the candidate outcome).

The Service Guarantee is an optional step recruiters can offer to Clients:

If you’re not happy with the service provided by this recruiter, you can walk away anytime in the first ten hours of your project with zero cost

Recruiters don’t have to offer this guarantee. But we encourage it. Recruiters who do are backing themselves to provide a great professional service every time.

Side note: We’ve offered this guarantee to Clients informally for nearly 12 months. Only one has ever taken it up!

Service Guarantee - RecruitLoop

‘Where I work’

Many RecruitLoop Recruiters work ‘virtually’, or serve clients outside their physical location. We designed our model to support this, as many recruitment activities can be easily completed remotely. As an example, one of our recruiters based in Hawaii recently helped a large US tech company source developers in the Bay Area.

To improve transparency, Recruiter Profiles now clearly display both their physical location, along with other locations they serve.

Where I work - RecruitLoop

Client and Candidate References

A major foundation for transparency in the RecruitLoop model is client feedback. All Recruiter Profiles show comments and feedback from clients they’ve worked with on the Platform.

However, Recruiters also have happy clients from before they joined RecruitLoop. We gather these references as part of our verification. Now, we make it transparent.

References provided by a recruiter from previous clients and candidates are now displayed on their profiles.

RecruitLoop References

We’re confident these changes will improve your experience with RecruitLoop, and make it simpler and easier for employers to engage a great independent Recruiter on RecruitLoop. It’s also one of many areas we’re looking to constantly improve. So stay tuned for future updates!

What do you think? We’d love your thoughts, and appreciate all feedback.

– Michael

ps, you can meet and contact all our expert independent recruiters here.



Michael Overell

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