Introducing RecruitLoop’s Regional Head in the Middle East

By Seral Sofi - Mar. 20, 2013
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Founders Note:  We’re excited to introduce Seral Sofi, RecruitLoop’s new Regional Head in the Middle East. We’ve been working with Seral for the past few months, and she’s been instrumental in driving initial growth across the Gulf Countries.
Now we can publicly welcome her to the RecruitLoop team full-time, where she will be heading up our efforts in the region. She’s been kind enough to share her story below (which we love, and shows the power of blogging!).
Welcome Seral!


How I went from a casual Blog reader to Regional Head for RecruitLoop


In June 2012, I was sitting in my windowless office in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) surfing the net for a refreshing read that would inspire me to get through an otherwise monotonous afternoon.

That’s when I stumbled upon RecruitLoop.

I started skimming through some of their blog posts and this one really resonated with me.

It quickly dawned on me that I had uncovered a hidden gem of recruitment wonders and I was certainly going to make RecruitLoop a regular online watering hole to sip on some thought provoking material that would continuously give me an edge over my competitors in this part of the world.

A few minutes after I had logged off the site, I was compelled to return to it and peruse through the pages again. However now I was on a hunt to track down a phone number or contact person, because in the back of my mind a voice was telling me that I needed to latch onto this amazing find before anyone else here discovered it first.

Amidst my frantic search, I noticed a chat widget pop up at the bottom of my screen asking if I needed some help. I replied at bullet speed with “Yes! Are you in Saudi or the UAE at all? Are you interested in getting into this market? Can we talk further about making this happen?

I had no clue if there would even be real person at the other end of chat line to reply to my eager query. To my surprise I was met with a very polite set of personal responses from one of the RecruitLoop co-founders who immediately arranged for a Skype call.

That’s when I “met” Paul Slezak, who patiently talked me through the RecruitLoop ethos and the reasons behind its launch and it resonated with everything I had been thinking about over the previous few months.

I asked what I needed to do next in order to join the RecruitLoop recruiter community and within 24 hours, I had completed a short video interview. I even put on makeup and gargled with salt water to soften my webcam voice so that I would cast a positive impression! I then created a RecruitLoop profile and completed a test project so I could really understand how the whole online platform worked and in no time at all I was up and running.

These guys were really onto something … an online recruitment platform where expert recruiters charged clients only for the hours they work. This was genius! And better yet with their video interview technology they were able to save their clients time and money!

It was hard to contain my excitement and I think that came across during my first RecruitLoop client meeting which went really well as I was speaking to someone who understood the pains of recruitment and who had never really been able to justify the costs.

I initiated my first RecruitLoop client project and not long after I had a shortlist of candidates that my client was ready to meet face to face (after having reviewed the candidates’ video interviews first).

The entire exercise cost my client $1800 as opposed to the usual 18% of the candidate’s salary (which in this case would have been close to $12,000). And while I may have had to forgo a commission for a lower fee, I couldn’t believe that I was actually getting paid for all the work I did.

My client was over the moon and he immediately gave me two more projects to work on. I didn’t have to chase endlessly for the fee to be paid and I went on to close the two new projects within the next few weeks.

At this point I should probably share a bit more about my own background.

I run a boutique recruitment agency along with a few cherry picked recruiters who are friends as much as they are employees and colleagues. I work in a busy market where demand far outstrips supply and we have the luxury to charge high fees for the service we deliver. We have relatively little “real” competition. I love what I do and I am good at.

So why, after making the above statements, would I opt to work with RecruitLoop?

It’s a no brainer. I want to stay ahead of the game (oh – and I have been getting increasingly more frustrated working in a contingent recruitment marketplace).

In my opinion RecruitLoop is the only sustainable recruitment option we have as recruiters in the face of growing DIY solutions and social recruiting.

My team and I are winning tons of business, and we are getting paid for all the work we deliver. We have satisfied customers who are engaging us for anything recruitment related (even just vetting and screening candidates they may have sourced directly) and we are steadily becoming the recruiters of tomorrow … today.

I should point out that now all our business is run through RecruitLoop. I love it; my recruiters love it; and of course my clients are loving it too.

Last June when I first discovered RecruitLoop I wanted to keep it a secret all to myself. Today, I am their ambassador in this part of the world and hoping to get others like me to become a part of the RecruitLoop Community.

If you happen to have stumbled upon this blog, I hope you do exactly what I did!


Connect with Seral and some of the other great recruiters working with her in the Gulf Countries.


Seral Sofi

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