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Is Your Hiring Healthy? Find Out Now.

by Paul Slezak
Candidates, Elastic Recruiting, Hiring Talent - 6 years ago

Hiring Doctor Is InIf you’re managing to get candidates in the door, you have to figure that you’re doing okay in the hiring realm, right?


Do you feel like it’s entirely too painful to get candidates in the door? How long are they lasting once they come onboard? Do you have a good plan for getting people through the interview process? How do you check references? What metrics do you measure during the recruitment process? Your answers could signal that your hiring program is unhealthy.

Good news! The hiring doctor is IN now. You can take an 18-question quiz to diagnose your hiring health, and the good doctor will point you to some resources that will help you fix whatever ails you. No needles or essay questions – we promise! (We will, however, call the coroner if necessary – consider yourself warned!)

This complete diagnosis will cover:

  • Your interview process
  • Recruitment metrics
  • Reference checking
  • Success planning
  • Offer yield
  • And more!

We hope that you enjoy your checkup and your diagnosis, and we’d love your feedback! Let us know what you think in the comments.