Welcome to Jenn Steele as Head of Growth

By Michael Overell - Aug. 26, 2013
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It’s been a busy few months at RecruitLoop.

We announced seed funding, released an exciting product update, and detailed the life of a founder-recruiter in making our first key hires.

I’m delighted to announce the first of two people behind that process:

Jenn Steele is joining RecruitLoop as Head of Growth.

Jenn Steele - Head of Growth
Jenn is moving from Seattle to join us in San Francisco. She was most recently at Amazon, after making the move across country from Hubspot in Boston. There, she was one of the first 100 employees (and one of many MIT Grads), working directly with SMEs to help them grow their business.

She’s personally hired dozens of people in her time as an IT and marketing leader. Most recently, she’s experienced the hiring process as a candidate. Stay tuned for her tips on what to avoid as a hiring company.

She’s joining us with a broad, clear mandate: Growth for RecruitLoop, and our clients. It’s an extension of her passion and experience helping to grow companies and people in prior roles. Now, she’ll be helping our clients and readers grow, through smarter hiring.

You’ll be seeing a bit of Jenn, as a new voice on this blog, and a hand behind our conversations across all other channels. We think you’ll enjoy her energetic, casual style. You can follow Jenn at @jennsteele.

We’re obviously stoked to introduce her.

Anyone familiar with this blog knows that every new hire is a milestone. It’s never easy. But particularly rewarding in getting it right.

We’re excited Jenn has chosen RecruitLoop, and look forward to you seeing her impact very soon.


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Michael Overell

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