Launching a Global Partnership with NPA – the Worldwide Recruiting Network

By Michael Overell - Feb. 8, 2014
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NPA – the Worldwide Recruiting Network

There are good recruiters out there. But unfortunately there are some ‘not so good’ recruiters out there too.

One thing we’ve always been committed to is building a marketplace of top quality recruiters.

We’re sometimes asked why we don’t have thousands of recruiters using our platform.

I mean aren’t you guys just like oDesk?

Not quite.

We’re building a highly curated marketplace of recruiters. Experienced. Professional. Trustworthy. But we also know it would be impossible to work our way around the world identifying the best recruiters one by one.

Last September we met up with Dave Nerz, President of NPA – the Worldwide Recruiting Network at a conference in Las Vegas to discuss a potential alliance.

NPA is a network of independent recruitment businesses. It’s the oldest recruiting network of its kind, with an international membership located throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas.

Today we’re thrilled to announce that RecruitLoop has formed a global partnership with NPA.

The opportunity to align ourselves with such a professional body will not only help us grow our global recruiter community. It will also reinforce our commitment to attract only the highest calibre recruiters – something NPA has clearly always prided itself on.

Our affiliation will help build a deeper and stronger community of expert recruiters.  We’re excited because this will give more companies around the world access to our unique model of ‘elastic recruiting’.

We’ve always been obsessed with the quality of RecruitLoop recruiters, and put them through a rigorous verification process. Knowing NPA’s stringent selection criteria is in line with ours is another value add to any business engaging with us.

Several NPA members are already online with RecruitLoop, and have expressed their excitement about RecruitLoop becoming a key driver in growing their own businesses.

As part of our alliance, we’re committed to helping NPA members gain new business opportunities in markets or with organisations that may not have been natural targets for their more traditional recruitment services.

We’re looking forward to officially launching the partnership between RecruitLoop and NPA at their Global Conference in New Orleans next month.

Here’s to a successful partnership with NPA!

For any NPA members who’d like to learn more, check out the information here.


Michael Overell

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