Launching projects with your own clients & claiming your commission

Is your recruiter worth more than your lawyer?It’s fantastic to see so many of you building your RecruitLoop businesses by sourcing your own clients. Not only do you earn Loop points every time you introduce a new client to our platform, your commission is slashed by a huge 50% on every project you do with that client!

We thought you might like some guidance on how to:

  • most effectively launch a project proactively with your own clients; and
  • make sure the reduced commission is applied to your invoice.

Some of you have been getting your clients to contact you via the website, while others are happy for them to call or email you direct.

The trick is to not have them do both!  When you do this, the system has a little conniption and thinks it is two separate projects for the same client.  You get confused, your client gets confused and one of our support team needs to go in and manually close one of the projects  for you.  And don’t even ask what happens if they accidentally close the wrong one!

So, what is the best way to launch a project with your own clients?

There are two different ways you can  launch a project with your own clients.

1. You initiate the proposal

When a new client contacts you directly by phone, email or in person, you simply take the brief and initiate a proposal to their email address from within the application.  When you do this you will be asked to enter some basic client details such as their name, company name, and phone number. This effectively “registers” the client on our site and enables you to send the proposal.

You then write your proposal as normal and send it.

2.  Your client posts the brief on the website and selects you

When a client reaches out to you via the website, the system acknowledges it and the “brief” is forwarded directly to you.  This enables you to respond to it in the same way you would if you were responding to a brief for a project with one of our clients.

You do not have to initiate a proposal.  You simply respond to the brief and your proposal will already be ready and waiting for you to complete and send.

How to claim the reduced commission

To make sure the correct commission is applied to this project, you need to tell us it is your own client.

In both cases, when the project launches, you have the opportunity to tell us it is your client  by putting “This is my client” or “Recruiter’s client” in the ‘Optional Notes to RecruitLoop’ text box in the bottom right hand corner of the project acceptance screen.


Easy, huh?

As always, if you have any questions about either of these processes, please contact our wonderful support team on or by selecting the Support email icon in the application.