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By Michael Overell - Jan. 5, 2016
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We’re so excited to start the new year with a big announcement, and share what our team has been working on for the past few months. Our goal is to fix recruiting – for everyone involved, at every touchpoint. Today we’ve taken another big step in that direction, with the new RecruitLoop.
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Why a new RecruitLoop?

At RecruitLoop we connect employers with great recruiters and sourcers, all over the world. In real life, these ‘relationships’ are often full of friction, lacking transparency, and fraught with misaligned incentives and mistrust. Our model of flexible pricing, transparent metrics and feedback, and marketplace curation has been solving these problems since we launched in Australia in late 2011.

Another key part of our solution has been the RecruitLoop Online Platform – a collaborative tool that aimed to remove all friction from the process of engaging and working with a recruiter, while allowing recruiters to do great work online.

In the 2.5 years since we launched the current platform, we’ve made huge progress. We’ve expanded into new markets; with clients launching thousands of hiring projects with hundreds of verified recruiters; seen tens of thousands of candidates uploaded to our platform; with video interviews recorded by candidates from over 20 countries.

But the online platform we had designed to remove friction from the process was starting to feel stale. We’d originally designed it with a wider range of use-cases in mind. But as we learned more from clients and focused our efforts, we knew it was actually adding friction to some parts of the process. We weren’t delivering on our promise, and it was time for an overhaul.

In early 2015 we opened up our community to allow recruiters from all over the world to create profiles and use parts of our platform with their own clients. The size of our community grew tenfold. We quickly saw it was time to bring those product improvements, and a new design philosophy, to our verified recruiters and clients. So, after countless conversations, analysis of feedback, prototype demos, and a staged release, we’ve launched a new RecruitLoop.

What’s changed?

Almost everything, in some way. At every touchpoint, we’ve aimed to simplify the experience for clients, while giving recruiters a more powerful and efficient platform for work. For clients, the biggest new additions include:

A simple, cleaner interface

Now, when clients use RecruitLoop, it’s simple. From the moment you post a project and review proposals, through to providing feedback on candidates and making payment, we’ve removed options and clutter from every screen.

It’s easier to navigate your projects and view recent updates. You can action almost any request from your recruiter – accepting a proposal, reviewing a candidate, making payment – with a single click.

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Collaborative shortlists

Most clients don’t want to see every single candidate who has applied for a role. But some do! Now, we’ve given recruiters more flexibility about when and how to share candidates with their clients. We call this a ‘collaborative shortlist’.

You only want to see the top 5 candidates for a role? That’s all you’ll see. You want to see every single candidate, with tags to rank and sort them? Your recruiter can do that too.

Every one of your projects has a unique URL to view, sort and provide feedback on your candidates. It captures all information, from CVs, interview notes to video interviews. You can come to it at any time, and instantly see any candidates with updated information.

Screenshot - Candidate List

Team members

Hiring is a team sport. We’ve made it easy to add team members to specific hiring projects. You can control who receives email notifications and invoices, or who only wants to review candidates. You’ll see a thread of comments and feedback from all your team members, next to every candidate profile.

Smart email notifications

Things happen fast in recruiting. Tens of candidates can be added to a project, screened in or out, or reviewed by your team. The new RecruitLoop has smart email notifications, so you’ll receive a summary of all changes from a ‘session’ (every 15mins or so), rather than a new email for every action your recruiter takes. Don’t want to receive these summaries? Simply turn them off and login when you choose.

Sourcing as a Service

This might be the biggest change to RecruitLoop in 2015. It’s not purely a Platform change, but will have a huge impact on your hiring projects. Think of it as a turbocharger to get your hiring projects started, and allow your recruiter to focus on true value-adding activities.

You can read more about sourcing as a service here. As a quick summary, it provides you with customised lists of candidates who meet your target profile – with a fixed price for a guaranteed number of names.

Small tweaks and improvements

In other areas, we’ve also made improvements to key existing features like video interviews (easier to send and review), reviewing attachments (quick previews), and candidate profiles (improved layout).

Screenshot - Video Interview

What’s next?

With the new RecruitLoop, we’re making daily releases and improvements. From today, all new hiring projects will receive the new experience. Going forward, we’re quickly working to improve:

  • Marketplace proposals – faster and more targeted introductions to recruiters and sourcers, once you post a project.
  • Feedback mechanisms – constant touchpoint to provide lightweight feedback to your recruiter (and RecruitLoop).
  • Integrated sourcing – sourcing as a service began as a standalone offering. We’ll be working to quickly integrate it to the core RecruitLoop experience.
  • Along with other treats and goodies – all focused on giving you a frictionless and flexible experience with great recruiters anywhere in the world.

The best way to experience the new RecruitLoop is to post a project now. If you’d like more detail, checkout our support centre for detailed user guides.

And if you’re a great recruiter looking for a smarter way to build your business, sign up now!

We hope you love the new RecruitLoop. And a huge thanks to everyone who provided input throughout the development and staged release.

– Michael, Denis, Paul and the entire RecruitLoop Team.


Michael Overell

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