Celebrating Your Wins!

It’s the beginning of December, Loopers! That means the holiday music is cranked right up, and it’s time to celebrate our bigs wins from November. Congratulations to everyone featured here, lots of great work and feedback this month!

While we’re celebrating, we’d also like to give a shoutout to Danny Powell, who recently become a grandfather to a beautiful baby boy! And big thanks go to Tamara Blythman, whose blog post went up on the RecruitLoop blog in November.

Congrats to all!


Andre Davis

Andre is a legal recruiter, who used to be a lawyer. He’s based in San Francisco, but works on everything from legal to tech to professional services all across the USA. And his client feedback is always just glowing!


James Harman

James is a UK transplant living and recruiting in Australia. We consider him a jack-of-all-trades: while he came to us as a specialist in tourism roles, he’s proven himself an expert in everything from tech to sales.


Danny Powell

Danny is one of our most enthusiastic recruiters. He’s also a regular on our weekly US Q&A, so if you’d like to meet him, join us next Tuesday! We’re sending big thanks and congratulations to Danny this month!


Project “First Timers”

Let’s have a big round of applause for these 2 recruiters who launched their first RecruitLoop project in November. Special shout out to Lauretta, who has the distinction of being the first recruiter to launch a project in New Zealand!

Jaenn Jo Lauretta Waldron
Jaenn Jo
Lauretta Waldron


Top Ten Recruiters for November 2015

Jonathan Buzelan Profile Photo Anne Downing Profile Photo Kim Acworth Profile Photo James Harman Profile Photo Charlie McClaskie Profile Photo
Jonathan Buzelan
Anne Downing
Kim Acworth
James Harman
Charlie McClaskie
Trina Boylan Profile Photo Christie Heiner Profile Photo Vic Burak Profile Photo Tatiana Wicke Profile Photo Nadia Gil Profile Photo
Trina Boylan
Christie Heiner
Vic Burak
Tatiana Wicke
Nadia Gil

Shout-Outs for outstanding client feedback

Many things make us happy, but enthusiastic client feedback makes up the happiest!

“James took care great care in understanding our complex brief, and delivered on this project with a huge amount of care and professionalism. I would have no hesitation in recommending James to my network. ”




“Kim is a talented professional focused on exceeding clients expectations- under promising and over delivering. From our first meeting I knew I had found a recruiter for us. I felt relieved as I handed the process over to her.

Kim was available throughout the process and I felt supported. It was a pleasure to work with Kim.”



“Elena was awesome! She came to our office to meet us and discuss the roles we needed filled. She was prompt and great at following us up when we would let the ball slip, the candidates also loved her!





If you know of anyone who you think deserves a congratulations, high-five or shout-out, then let us know by emailing community@recruitloop.com. We’d love to include them here!