Expanding our Community

At RecruitLoop, our vision is to become the world’s largest, and highest-quality community of talent professionals.

We started by curating a marketplace of experienced recruitment professionals.  That’s you!

Remember we said in our first recruiter newsletter of the year that 2015 is going to be a big one for RecruitLoop?

Well, we’re now ready for the next big step, which is to welcome other recruiters, sourcers, HR professionals, outsourcing specialists and even organizational specialists into the community.

The first exciting phase of this expansion has been to launch a new “self-serve” profile creation tool which we have recently started marketing to recruiters.

What does this mean?

This means that any recruiter (or other talent professional) anywhere in the world can join our online Community, enabling them to have a searchable profile on our website, join our Facebook group and participate in community forums and other online activities that will be introduced soon.

But it does not mean, and this is important, that they will be Verified Recruiters like you.

We call them ‘Community Members’.

How does it work?

‘Community Members’ will have a searchable profile on the RecruitLoop website.  Here are a couple of examples for you to look at:

You will notice they do not have any of the badges you have on your profile.

Community Members can use their unique URL on our site to promote their services in their own client base.  Eventually they will have access to some of the tools and software we’re continually developing but for now, it is a community membership opportunity to grow our brand worldwide.

How will this affect you?

Essentially nothing changes for you.

You may have noticed a new “Verified” badge has appeared on your profile in the last few days.

Verified Recruiters are the jewel in our crown and always will be. As a Verified Recruiter:

  • you are supported by RecruitLoop in our marketing campaigns
  • you receive recruitment briefs directly from us
  • we have your back through our Fresh Start Guarantee
  • you have priority technical support
  • you have a built-in invoicing facility
  • and you are eligible to participate in The Loop, our rewards and recognition program.

These privileges are not available to members of the broader Community.

What distinguishes a Verified Recruiter from the broader Community?

Verified Recruiters are distinguishable on our site by the big green ‘Verified’ tick on your profile.  This is our guarantee to web visitors and the clients we refer you to that we recommend you.

To become a Verified Recruiter you had to jump through quite a few hoops and that will not change.

Community Members can apply to become a Verified Recruiter but anyone wanting to join this elite group of professionals at RecruitLoop will need to demonstrate they are worthy of the privilege.  There is no guarantee that an application will be approved.

What do you need to do?

Nothing.  Your elite position in our marketplace continues. You will continue to be sent client briefs and enjoy the incentives and recognition that comes with that.

It’s just that we wanted you to be the first to know we are taking the next step toward our long held vision and to be confident that your membership of the community will only be enhanced by the initiatives we will be rolling out this year.

Thank you for your support, professionalism and enthusiasm and we look forward to watching you become even more successful this year.