Opening the RecruitLoop Community

by Michael Overell
RecruitLoop, Uncategorized - 5 years ago


At RecruitLoop, our vision is to make hiring easy for all companies, with the world’s largest, and highest-quality community of talent professionals.

We started by curating a marketplace of experienced recruiters, and finished 2014 with just over 200 experts averaging more than 10 years’ experience each.

In ‘2014 in RearView‘, I talked about expanding the community.

We’re now taking the first big step, which is to open our platform to any recruiters, sourcers, HR professionals, outsourcing specialists and even organizational specialists globally.

The first phase of this expansion has been to launch a new ‘self-serve’ profile creation tool, so any Talent Pro can claim a personalized URL to display their ‘portfolio’ of client experience.

What does this mean?

This means that any recruiter (or other talent professional) anywhere in the world can now join our online Community, giving them a searchable profile on our website, join our community forums and ultimately use our software platform to help manage and grow their business.

It means we have now have two categories of Talent Professionals in our Community.

  • Verified Recruiters – who have been vetted by RecruitLoop as experienced, quality professionals. In addition, Verified Recruiters earn badges based on their activity and experience with RecruitLoop clients.
  • Community Members – who participate in the community in other ways, and use the platform to manage their own clients.

How will this affect our clients?

Essentially nothing changes. After posting a role on our site, you will only receive proposals from Verified Recruiters.

When you engage a Verified Recruiter through the RecruitLoop Platform:

  • you’re backed by our Fresh Start Guarantee
  • they have committed to the RecruitLoop Manifesto
  • you can be confident the Recruiter has been vetted and verified by the RecruitLoop Team (with over 50-yrs combined recruiting experience)
  • you receive a dedicated Success Manager to support you throughout your engagement.

What distinguishes a Verified Recruiter from the broader Community?

Verified Recruiters are distinguishable on our site by the big green ‘Verified’ tick on their profile.

RecruitLoop Verified Recruiters

Verified Recruiters have jumped through a number of hoops to demonstrate their experience and capability.

Community Members can apply to become Verified, but there is no guarantee they will be approved. There’s currently a long waiting list!

So, what else will change?

We’re committed to giving every one of our clients the best hiring experience they’ve ever had. This won’t change. But we are constantly testing and experimenting different and better ways to do this.

We’ll keep communicating these changes openly and transparently. We’d love your feedback, please reply directly or email me anytime: michael [at] recruitloop [.] com.


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Photo by Sharon Mollerus