Our Top 10 in Review

What a year 2014 was for us all!  Growth in every area of the business, new and improved platform features, new recruiters from 11 countries, big mentions in prestigious business publications, the list goes on.

But rather than bombard you with it all here, have another look at the email newsletter from our CEO last week and his blog about our numbers.

Over $1,100,000 was paid out to Recruiters in 2014!

That’s right. Over one million dollars!  A HUGE high five, and thanks, to our most active Recruiters this year. We’re looking forward to massively growing that number with you in 2015.

Here’s your Top 10 for 2014…

  1. Lisa Noeltner (San Francisco, US)
  2. Jeff Daspit (Orange County, US)
  3. Christie Heiner (Brisbane, AU)
  4. Trina Boylan (Sydney, AU)
  5. Jonathan Buzelan (US)
  6. Anne Downing (Phoenix, US)
  7. Kim Acworth (Brisbane, AU)
  8. Tamara Blythman (Sydney, AU)
  9. Diane Cotterill (Sydney, AU)
  10. Charlie McClaskie (Fort Lauderdale, US)

…and your Top 10 for December 2014

This is one of my favourite jobs – congratulating our Top 10 Earners each month.

We paid out over $100,000 to recruiters in December 2014.  Congratulations to Vic Burak, Edwin Miraflor and Suzanne Rey for making the list for the first time!

So, here are your Top 10  – in no particular order

Suzanne Rey Photo Trina Boylan Photo Edwin Miraflor Photo Vic Burak Photo
Suzanne Rey
Anne Downing
Trina Boylan
Edwin Miraflor
Vic Burak
Andre Davis
Kim Acworth
Warwick Peel
Charlie McClaskie
Jonathan Buzelan