Advanced Influencing Skills

by Heather Page
- 12 months ago

Recruiting is sales. Yes … even under the RecruitLoop model! One of the core traits of any successful salesperson is the ability (or ‘power’) to influence. There’s no certainty that the person sitting ‘across’ from you will share your passion, enthusiasm, and conviction for whatever it is you’re trying to sell. Points of view may differ; competing agendas may clash; barriers may be put up.

This module will focus on:

• Putting your natural communication style to best use and constructing a persuasive and compelling argument;
• How to best use emotional intelligence to secure buy-in and collaboration from your ‘customers’ at all levels;
• The guiding principles of effective influencing;
• Nailing your ‘elevator pitch’; and
• Having more in-depth and authentic conversations while appreciating the ‘unspoken word’.