Agile Technology Guide for Modern Recruiters

by Craig Jordan
- 5 years ago

Recruiters are swamped with an overwhelming sea of technology options — how can you know which will support your work and which will slow you down? It takes time to sign up for new platforms, get set up, and use each individual tool for long enough to know whether it helps or not.

That’s why we asked recruiters we trust to share their recommendations for affordable tools that offer support for the challenges facing today’s modern recruiters.

Inside this 60-page eBook, you’ll find:

  • Seven stages in the modern recruiter’s workflow
  • Technology recommendations for each stage
  • An overview of features and benefits for each platform recommended
  • A printable, at-a-glance technology matrix of all the tools included.

Internal and external recruiters can use this e-book to:

  • Discover agile and affordable technology to support your individual recruiting needs
  • Learn hacks that will save you time and money in finding and placing great talent
  • Save time testing new tools with an overview of top tools for each stage of your hiring process.