The Art of Engaging Passive Candidates

The Art of Engaging Passive Candidates

by Heather Page
- 1 year ago

When it comes to sourcing and engaging passive candidates, you can’t just send a LinkedIn connection and then hope for the best. You also can’t rely on sending a single email to the prospective candidates on your list and expect to be inundated with candidates banging on your door for an interview.

Whether you call it an art or a science, there is definitely a specific way to conduct your email outreach and candidate engagement.

That’s why we invited Legendary Looper Charlie McClaskie to host a special Q&A in which he shared some of his tips and tricks around engaging passive candidates.


In this webinar you will learn:

  • How many emails should you send?
  • What should you actually say in your emails?
  • What days of the week should you set your email cadence?
  • When do you actually pick up the phone and speak to a passive candidate?

You don’t just want qualified candidates. You want them qualified, verified, interested, and interview ready. That’s the perfect combination!

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