The Benefits of Outsourcing Your HR and Finance Functions

by Heather Page
- 12 months ago

As your company scales, it becomes even more important to keep on top of your HR and finance functions. However, depending on the size of your organisation you may not always be able to justify employing a dedicated HR specialist or a full-time accountant (let alone a CFO).

Organisations of every size encounter ongoing people issues and need to ensure their financials are reported accurately.

Unless you’re an expert in employment law, how do you handle a workplace harassment claim? And unless you’re a qualified CPA, how are you properly closing off at month end or preparing your BAS?

If you are not in a position to have a dedicated HR and finance specialist on staff, it’s certainly worth considering engaging an expert HR consultant or outsourced CFO.

Aside from not having to add two more full time senior salaries to your P&L, there are several benefits to outsourcing these specialist functions. You can engage them for a specific project; on an as-needs basis; for a set number of hours per month; and you can relax knowing they are on the end of the phone if an unexpected urgent need arises.

In this interactive RecruitLoop panel Q&A, you’ll learn from two industry experts on how to make the most of outsourcing your HR and finance functions.

  • How can an external specialist really understand your business?
  • How can you trust an external party with your company’s internal issues?
  • How dedicated is ‘dedicated’ when it comes to an external consultant?