Recap: NPA 2014 Global Conference – New Orleans Louisiana

By Paul Slezak - Mar. 13, 2014
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Mardi GrasThe street cleaners made their way through New Orleans’ French Quarter sweeping away thousands of multi coloured beaded necklaces, crazy masks and other bizarre remnants of Mardi Gras. Meanwhile we encountered random jazz bands meandering along Bourbon Street in unusually cold weather as we headed to our first NPA Global Conference as an alliance partner.


Here’s a bit of a recap

First and foremost … hats off to NPA President Dave Nerz, all the NPA staff and Board for putting on such a great conference.

It’s never easy to please a group of recruiters coming together from all corners of the world but these guys did it … exceptionally well. The energy, enthusiasm and camaraderie from all the owners and members was awesome.

A great line up of speakers

No matter how long a recruiter has been in the industry, you can never stop learning. And with a line up of speakers and industry leaders including Mike Ramer, Neil Lebovitz, and Maureen Sharib, I have no doubt that every delegate would have left New Orleans with some great tips, new ideas or at least some refreshers to implement in their businesses right away.

Our fellow alliance partners

The recruitment industry is constantly evolving, and there are some great software and service providers out there making recruiters’ jobs (and lives) so much easier. We were fortunate enough to be exhibiting alongside some of these businesses helping recruiters attract and select great talent. Check out e-Grabber, Sticky IT, and Monster when you have a chance. Between our Elastic Recruiting guns, the little ‘sticky’ spiders, and scary green stuffed toy monsters, NPA members were not only well informed, but certainly kept amused when talking to suppliers and partners.

Our theme: ‘Monetize Your Downtime’

As an alliance partner we were presenting a new opportunity to NPA members whereby they can ‘monetize their downtime’ by working on additional recruitment projects provided to them by RecruitLoop.

We were excited to see one NPA member from the Bay Area actually register her interest during one of our presentations, another NPA member receive her first potential project at the conference, along with several members from the USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, China, South Africa, Korea and the Philippines eager to align themselves with RecruitLoop.

Recognising one of our own Aussie recruiters

It was great to see one of our own Australian ‘RecruitLoopers’ Jason Elias receive the NPA Chairman’s Award for his contribution to NPA over many years. I’ve known Jason for a long time and it was great to see him recognised by his NPA peers. His wife Jackie (who I’ve known even longer than I have known Jason) was so proud to be there to see Jason receive this honour. Congratulations again, Jason!

Looking forward to next year in Denver Colorado

The details for next year’s global conference have been revealed. NPA members from around the world will gather in Denver, Colorado from March 19th – 21st – against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

On a personal note, I managed to sample my first ever fried alligator and jambalaya. Oh … and I might have even had a sneaky giant ‘Hurricane’ over in the Big Easy!

For any NPA members who were unable to attend the conference who are keen to learn more, check out more information here.

Cofounder and CEO at RecruitLoop. I've been a hands on recruiter, manager, trainer, coach, mentor, and regular speaker for the recruitment industry for nearly 25 years.


Paul Slezak

Cofounder and CEO at RecruitLoop. I've been a hands on recruiter, manager, trainer, coach, mentor, and regular speaker for the recruitment industry for nearly 25 years.

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