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Adding RecruitLoop to your LinkedIn Profile


With thousands of LinkedIn searches taking place every minute, one way you can increase the chances of any of these searches leading back to you is to include your RecruitLoop profile on your LinkedIn profile.

1. Current role


You can include “Recruitment Consultant at RecruitLoop” as your title as well as list it under Current employment:

2. Website Links


Every LinkedIn profile has a section for ‘website’. This is one of the few sections of your LinkedIn profile that actually hyperlinks out.

Rather than just having the RecruitLoop website here, you can add your personal RecruitLoop profile.


To copy the link for your personal profile, simply jump on to the “Our Recruiters” page on the website, find your own profile, click on your photo and then copy the link that appears at the top of your browser. This becomes your “Personal Website”.


If you don’t have a personal blog, you could also include the RecruitLoop Blog under your profile.


You have the option to list multiple Twitter accounts. If you don’t have one, why not list RecruitLoop’s? Better yet, jump on yourself and have a couple!


3. Experience


When you scroll down your profile, under “Experience”, you could include the following text:

I am an experienced recruitment consultant with RecruitLoop.

RecruitLoop gives employers a smarter way to recruit through technology and services that slash the cost and time it takes to find new staff.

The model consists of two primary components:

1. Recruitment marketplace:  A network of independent recruitment professionals.

RecruitLoop aggregates a network of independent, professional recruiters like myself who help employers find new staff. This gives employers access to professional recruitment support, with an hourly rate charging model providing 80% lower cost than a traditional recruitment agency.

2. Recorded video interview platform: A game-changing innovation in the recruitment process.

RecruitLoop has developed a technology for recorded video interviews. This is not a ‘live’ video-capability like Skype, but an automated one that records candidate responses to customised written questions, via their webcam.

This innovation removes hours from the recruitment process making lengthy telephone interviews, early morning or late night SKYPE calls, and even first round face-to-face interviews with the ‘wrong’ candidates a thing of the past.

My areas of expertise include:
– XX
– XX
– XX

Click here to view my RecruitLoop profile, connect with me and start recruiting in under 5 minutes.

(Once again you will need to copy your personal RecruitLoop profile link here.)