Recruiter Spotlight: “Rally On!”

By Bernadette Eichner - Oct. 26, 2014
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RecruitLoop Spotlight - Kim Acworth

We recently caught up with Kim Acworth, one of our awesome recruiters located in Brisbane, Australia.

Kim is the very model of a successful ‘Looper’ (that’s how we refer to members of the RecruitLoop recruiter community) since joining us in April 2013. Specialising in Accounting / Finance, Admin / Office Support, Customer Support and Operations, Kim has already achieved ‘Legend‘ status, having successfully completed over 100 projects for her clients!

Like most Loopers, she has some fun stuff going on in her life.

We are asked her to share some of her thoughts about RecruitLoop and life in general …

What were you doing before you met us?

I was working in my husband’s real estate business, after stepping away from a successful career in recruitment, and was responsible for the Office and Property Management functions.

But I missed recruitment.

I was getting tired of complaining homeowners, complaining tenants and complaining contractors (lots of complainers!). I had also come to realise that my marriage and sanity were more important than anything else and working shoulder to shoulder with my husband could lose me both!

I wanted to get back into recruiting but I also wanted to have the flexibility to pick up my son from school so full-time didn’t suit. Another challenge was that I didn’t want to work for a traditional recruitment agency as I don’t agree with the standard operating model – percentage of salary fee structures and transaction driven client relationship strategies.

Then I saw the ad for RecruitLoop and the rest, they say, is history!

What is the best part, for you, of being a Looper?

To be honest, I can’t pinpoint just 1 thing or even 5 things – I find the whole approach and system to be ideal for me and my clients!

  • The technology – web based platform, recorded video interviews, transparency, application portal;
  • The hourly-rate model – makes outsourcing their recruitment cost effective for my clients and enables me to build an awesome client base;
  • Autonomy – the buck stops with me – I decide how I work, when I work and how I market and follow up with clients and I can do it in a way that works best for them;
  • Flexibility – I can manage my time to be also be involved in family activities, get the groceries and other chores done – and of course my Rallying, but more about that later;
  • The support provided by RecruitLoop – always there if and when I need assistance or advice;
  • The RecruitLoop recruiter commission structure is very fair – my hard work is rewarded and my clients get the benefits because I don’t have to stack my fees like traditional recruiters;
  • RecruitLoop’s recruiter incentive program is also very forward thinking, inclusive and fun with very achievable rewards. And RecruitLoop is so responsive to suggestions – I chose to redeem all my points towards sponsorship of my Rally Car (even though I could have redeemed them for a trip to San Francisco!) – I’m proud to represent RecruitLoop and I want the brand out there!

Kim Acworth

What are your passions and interests outside work?

RALLY, RALLY, RALLY, RALLY … oh, and did I mention RALLY?!?

I love the the challenge of going as fast as I can on dirt roads through the forest while not crashing – always pushing my boundaries, always learning, and the team aspect is the best!

I can’t do it without my navigator and mechanical service crew – our lives actually depend on each other and the enormous trust you build with each other is a rare thing.

It’s a sport, a passion, a hobby and of course a huge money pit all in one … and highly addictive!!!

Oh yeah, and I also have a family that keeps me busy and grounded outside of work!

What 5 words would your clients use to describe you?

Gee – I haven’t really thought about that before.

I just always try to give my very best always. But I guess they would say I’m honest, professional, approachable, helpful and a tad crazy – most of them also know that I race a rally car!

What RecruitLoop feature do you think is the most awesome?

The web based platform combined with the recorded video interview capability.

As a professional recruiter, this enables highly effective and efficient shortlisting and enables clients to make confident decisions about who they will bring in for a face-to-face interview. Most of my clients only need to spend time interviewing 1-2 candidates for each role, allowing them to put time back into the running their businesses.

Why do you believe the RecruitLoop model works so well?

It is so cost effective! Clients can justify getting professional outsourced assistance and get on with running their business, which is what they know best.

The web based platform and video interview technology give clients confidence about candidate suitability and save heaps of time, enabling clients to solve their hiring problems quickly without compromising quality.

The model is completely transparent, unlike the smoke and mirrors your normally get! The online shared workspace means clients can access candidate details themselves so they can see résumes, supporting documents and recruiter notes. And they know exactly what they are being charged for at any time. My clients love this!

The model provides enormous flexibility. Clients can choose what level of support they need and I tailor the processes accordingly to meet their specific needs. Some clients only want help getting to a short list while others want the whole shebang – I love being able to provide them with this freedom.

What is something other Loopers may not know about you?

Way before recruitment and racing rally cars I was a bit of a gun tennis player, rubbing shoulders with Pat Rafter as a kid.

And he is the perfect example that if you work hard at something and stick with it you can make it. He wasn’t even No. 1 in Queensland then, let alone Australia and the world!

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

Eliminate cancer! It is a silent and hidden assassin and we lose way too many people to it. If you feel like you want to help with this goal you can donate here!

If you could have dinner with five famous people (alive or dead) who would they be and why?

  1. Colin McRae (World Rally Car Driver & Champion) – my car is a replica of his and he is why I fell in love with the sport;
  2. Michelle Mouton – she is the only female rally driver to have won an event on the World Rally Calendar;
  3. Mark Webber – Australian F1 Driver from my era – and he’s not exactly harsh on the eye;
  4. Craig Lowndes – If I’m not going for Subaru, then I’m a Holden supporter (I choose to ignore his short time with Ford) – he’s always highly competitive and always has a smile;
  5. Johnny Depp – I’ve been in complete and total love with Johnny since “21 Jump Street”. Oh dear, showing my age now!

Thanks Kim!

(Some of us think Johnny Depp is pretty cool too)!

Marketplace Manager, building our recruiter community. I've more years experience in the global recruitment industry than I care to mention. Known to sprout Shakespeare.


Bernadette Eichner

Marketplace Manager, building our recruiter community. I've more years experience in the global recruitment industry than I care to mention. Known to sprout Shakespeare.

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