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By Kenza Idrissi - Feb. 9, 2016
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Every great business is built on word of mouth growth. When you receive a great service, you talk about it. When you provide one, you hope your customers and clients share their experience.

We’ve seen this first-hand, with referrals driving a huge proportion of our growth at RecruitLoop. Almost everyone has experienced pain during the hiring process – whether as a client, candidate, or recruiting professional. So our vision for a new recruiting model, that’s fair for everyone involved, resonates with almost everyone who experiences it.

Interestingly, we’ve seen two very different types of referrals. The first (and most obvious) was from clients or potential clients, who experienced RecruitLoop and would tell everyone they knew. We saw this particularly from our small-business clients – usually owners and operators, who had been frustrated with traditional recruiting their entire careers.

However as we’ve grown a global community of vetted, trusted recruitment professionals, we’ve seen a huge volume of referrals from one recruiter to another. As an independent recruiter, you’re often limited by your capacity, or area of focus. When a client needs help outside your area of specialty, or in a different city, you want them to be looked after properly – regardless of who provides the service.

In fielding both types of referrals we had a major insight. Very few referrers were motivated primarily by tangible incentives – cash, rewards or other extrinsic benefits. In almost every case, the primary motivation was ensuring that the person being referred received a great service and outcome.

We understand the importance of making a referred client feel like they are properly being taken care off, and ensuring they have received a service of the highest quality.

We also understand the incredible value of referrals in growing our business, and are immensely grateful when we receive them. We want to share that value.

So we’re excited to announce the launch of RecruitLoop Referrals.

RecruitLoop Referrals

When you know someone (a client, friend, family member) who needs hiring help, we would love to meet them. We promise to give them a service of the highest quality. We also want to say thank you and share the value.

When you refer a new client to RecruitLoop, we will share 5% of the project value for the first 6 months of that relationship.

You can receive the payment directly. Or you can choose to have it donated to a charity of your choice. We’ll make the donation and send you a hand-written note with the receipt.

We’ll keep you updated along the way. You’ll receive updates at every milestone throughout the relationship – when we first talk to the person you refer, when they post a project, when they engage a recruiter, and the results of that engagement.

Every month you’ll get an update of any new activity, and receive payment (or donation) based on the value of invoices paid in that period.

Anyone you refer is in good hands. They will be assigned a dedicated Success Manager, who will also be your point of contact.

Do you know someone who needs hiring help?

Visit this page to tell us about them. We’ll love you (and them) forever.


Kenza Idrissi

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