RecruitLoop Support – Your New Best Friend!

Even the best pieces of technology are imperfect.  Most days everything is fantabulous and you are riding high. But some days, a gremlin enters the picture and depending on it’s mood, can cause some problems.  We had one of those last week.  And I felt your pain.

Here’s the thing though … the people who have the skills to fix it are the ones who need to know about it first!

And that’s not me, your Marketplace Manager.

I’m not an IT Help Desk’s toenail!  Apart from which, I often don’t get to my emails or phone messages for hours at a time and they could be the most critical hours for our IT team.

It is essential you contact the Support team in the first instance.  They are a fabulous group of people, totally dedicated to ensuring the RecruitLoop experience for you and your client and candidates is an awesome one.

Escalation procedures are in place for all issues with the RecruitLoop application and if we can stick to them we have a better chance of getting on top of things quickly.

The best process is:

  1. Alert the Support team as soon as you identify a problem

    There are 2 ways to reach our Support team:

    1. Via the Support icon when you are logged in – this is the most efficient way; or
    2. By emailing
  1. Provide this information:

    1. State very clearly what the problem is. Unfortunately saying “There’s a problem with the system” will not help us.  However something like “My clients are reporting they are not receiving any emails with the candidate notes I am sharing with them.  They can see them in the system if they log in but they need to get the email alerts” gives us a much better idea of what the problem is.
    2. Include the project number as a minimum.  But it would be great if you also included the client’s email address.
    3. If the problem is related to candidates not being able to access the video interview, then again, include the project number and the name(s) of the candidate impacted.
    4. Ideally include any screenshots that might help you demonstrate what the problem is.
  1. Watch for updates

The Support team will advise you the moment an issue has been resolved.  If they are unable to resolve the problem they will let our IT team know immediately and keep us updated.

Let’s help them help us!