RecruitLoop Training Academy Module #5: The Art of Sourcing and Attracting Multi-Generational Talent in a Tight Labour Market

For the first time in history we are dealing with prospective talent from five generations, which can present massive challenges when it comes to sourcing, attracting, and engaging talent. While most of us are aware of the generational differences, few of us have really embraced them. Failure to take into account the generational differences could pose a serious threat to our ability to source the best talent.

RecruitLoop CEO Paul Slezak will present a live webinar on this topic on Wednesday June 5th, 2019 at 1pm PST // 4pm EST.

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This module will focus on:

  • Understanding the differences between recruiting and sourcing;
  • Starting to think like an online marketer;
  • Creating multi-faceted sourcing strategies and outreach messaging;
  • Modulating your behavior as a sourcer / recruiter depending on your target ‘audience’; and
  • Ensuring a positive ROI through a multi-generational sourcing and engagement strategy