RecruitLoop Training Academy Module #8: Understanding What Makes a Successful Recruitment Team Tick

One of the many dangers in running a recruitment team is the tendency to rely on one or two big billers to carry the team along. What happens if the money machines have a bad month, or worse still when (not ‘if’) they leave? For anyone running a team of recruiters, it’s essential that the team works together and where possible that there is a fairly even contribution towards the revenue goal.

RecruitLoop CEO Paul Slezak will present a live webinar on this topic on Wednesday June 26th, 2019 at 1pm PST // 4pm EST.

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This module will focus on:

  • Having the ability to understand what motivates each of your individual team members as well as knowing what drives them collectively;
  • How to ensure healthy competition but at the same time ensure a fairly even contribution from a billings perspective;
  • Retaining and motivating the money machines while also keeping the prima donnas under control;
  • Communicating as a recruitment leader; and
  • Your role as coach and cheerleader