An Invitation from RecruitLoop CEO Paul Slezak

Hello Recruiters!

I think sometimes we take for granted just how long many of you been in the recruitment game. I’ve been playing since April 1994 (scary I know!) and I’m the first to admit that I still crave training and development.

So as part of my 25th Anniversary in the wonderful world of recruitment I want to give you all a gift in the form of a bespoke Recruitment Masterclass Series during May and June.

We’ve been around long enough. So rest assured these workshops won’t be about how to write a recruitment ad; how to phone screen a candidate; or how to conduct a reference check. (Of course if you would like content like this please let me know and I’ll make sure I include it along the way!).

Instead, I’ll be creating a series of modules targeted at experienced recruiters where every week we’ll focus on one or two topics to help us become even better at what we do.

The workshops will take place via Zoom on Wednesdays from May 1st to June 26th at 1pm PST // 4pm EST. Please note there will not be a session on May 15th. Sign up below for each module, or just the ones you find most interesting!

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Modules will include:

  1. What it means to add value as a recruiter today and how to become a Trusted Advisor and raise your level of credibility in the eyes of your clients.
  2. Advanced influencing skills and how to have more in-depth and authentic conversations with clients. After all, recruitment is sales … yes even under the RecruitLoop banner!
  3. Maximising your personal ROI as a recruiter and getting more bang for your buck – including a deep dive into order qualification and client confirmation.
  4. Managing your time to maximise your productivity – a great time management refresher even for even the most experienced recruiters!
  5. The art of sourcing and attracting multigenerational talent in a tight labour market
  6. A spotlight on recruitment metrics – why metrics (and holding yourself accountable as an independent recruiter) are crucial in today’s shifting recruitment landscape.
  7. Incorporating a values-based assessment process into your recruitment strategy along with a way to educate clients around how they should run their process when working with you.
  8. Understanding what makes a successful recruitment team tick – whilst this topic will be geared more towards recruiters who have built a team around them, everyone will be welcome to learn more about managing a high performing recruitment team!

This series of highly interactive training modules is certainly not RecruitLoop specific. In other words the tips, tricks, and content is not only aimed at Loopers working exclusively with RecruitLoop clients.

Any recruiter will benefit from this masterclass whether you work with RecruitLoop clients or you manage clients and candidates in your own independent recruitment business.

Please allow me to blow my own trumpet for a moment.

I get flown around the world by some pretty reputable companies to train recruiters. I get paid a lot to run these workshops, and some recruitment industry bodies charge recruiters hundreds of dollars to attend a one-hour workshop with me.

I am offering this entire 8-part masterclass series to Loopers as a value add, and as a thank you for being part of our awesome Looper community.

I have trained thousands of recruiters throughout my career and I absolutely love training and sharing my own experiences with recruiters everywhere.

I’m hoping you will be able to set aside an hour every Wednesday afternoon from May 1st to June 20th to help take part in this exciting masterclass. We’ll record the sessions, but there’s nothing like participating live in a training workshop!

Please block your calendars now! Every Wednesday from May 1st – June 26th at 1pm PST // 4pm EST on Zoom.

I really hope you’ll join because it will be 6am for me in Sydney and I definitely don’t want to be talking to myself at that hour of the day!

Looking forward to seeing you from May 1st! Until then …


Paul Slezak
CEO, RecruitLoop