RecruitLoop Wins Best Use of Technology: High Fives All-Round

By Michael Overell - Oct. 2, 2012
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RecruitLoop My Business Awards 2012

We’re thrilled to share the news that RecruitLoop was recognised for the ‘Best use of Technology’ at the My Business Awards 2012.

Only 12 months ago, we entered (and won!) a pitching competition at the My Business Expo. To be recognised with this Award only a year later is a really proud achievement, and testament to the awesomeness of our growing Community.

The Award was sponsored and judged by McAfee, who noted the way we combine innovative technology with a new business model to provide distinct benefit to our users – both clients and recruiters. (Be a painkiller, not a vitamin!).

Denis Zubkov

Couldn’t make the Awards Night. Too busy shipping!

I want to take the opportunity to publicly recognise a few of the quiet achievers behind RecruitLoop. In particular, Denis Zubkov, one of our cofounders and Head of Product. Denis leads our technology and product development, from conceptualisation, through to design then implementation.

He’s an incredibly hard worker, and most happy doing great work behind the scenes. He’s a huge driver of our success in this Award, and in keeping our clients happy and productive every day.

So, a huge public high five to Denis and our awesome tech team. This is a great recognition of their hard work and focus.

A second (massive) recognition to our awesome Recruiter Community. It currently spans 5 countries, and is deliberately focused on highly skilled, experienced recruiters.  We think of it as a ‘curated market’, with an emphasis on quality, experience and service. Any recognition and success RecruitLoop receives is directly linked to the success of this Community.RecruitLoop Recruiter Community

They are the first- and final-line in delighting clients on a daily basis. Any great feedback we receive from clients is invariably down to the human touch they received from one of the members. It’s an exclusive network, but one that is rapidly growing into new markets and verticals.

So, a second big high five to our Community. They’re the people behind the technology. Awards like this are great, but only if backed up by sustainable awesomeness. And that’s what we’re working to grow and continually deliver with RecruitLoop every day.

Thanks team!

MyBusiness Awards - RecruitLoop Team



ps – If you’re a recruiter interested in joining this exclusive network, drop us a line!
pps – If you’re an employer interested in what all the fuss is about, contact us here! We love to talk.




Michael Overell

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