RecruitLoop’s RecruitMentor Program

In late 2015, RecruitLoop introduced an informal mentorship program, connecting experienced ‘Loopers’ with some of our newbies.

The goal has never been to teach those new RecruitLoopers how to recruit – we know you’re already experts! Instead, the RecruitMentor program aims to connect you with a recruiter who’s been successful at pitching the model, selling RecruitLoop, and building a successful business using the RecruitLoop platform.

If you’re a new RecruitLoop recruiter then you’re eligible to participate in the program. RecruitMentorship is open to any new recruiters who’ve completed less than 5 projects.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Sign up for the RecruitMentor program

Step 2: Within 1-3 weeks, the RecruitLoop Marketplace team will introduce you to a potential mentor

Step 3: Let the mentorship begin!

  • You’ll have 3 x 30 minute calls with your mentor over the proceeding weeks. Your mentor will even be available to help you writing proposals to clients.
  • Once you win your first RecruitLoop brief, your mentor will help you through the course of your first project, helping you become an expert RecruitLooper.
  • Who knows, you may even become a RecruitMentor one day!

Interested in being matched with a mentor? Sign up below!

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