#sfbeta: Shockingly Worthwhile

By Jenn Steele - Jan. 16, 2014
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RecruitLoop at #sfbetaLast week, we demoed at #sfbeta’s “Future of HR” event. We weren’t initially convinced that it was going to be worth it, but we ended up finding it shockingly worthwhile.

As usual (can twice make usual?), we brought rubber band guns and targets – hugely popular before things got crazy crowded, and the folks around us were really understanding about rubber bands flying their direction (thank you Blueboard and HackerRankX!).

Aside from making new friends, having some great fun, and learning about all sorts of other companies, we took away a few really good insights:

  • EVERY company is struggling with talent somehow or is searching for innovation, whether they’re large or small. Traditional human resources and recruitment are being forced to change.CLASH is awesome
  • There are a ton of San Francisco companies who are on the cutting edge of that change. While a bunch of us are small and scrappy, there are a lot of brilliant new ideas out there.
  • SmartRecruiters has a really cool office space 🙂
  • CLASH had the best wardrobe ever – check it out!

Between meeting a lot of really awesome people and picking up a few potential clients, we’re really glad we went (and lost our voices – well, one of us did, anyhow).

Many thanks to Christian Perry and Michael Gold of #sfbeta for putting it together, and a special thanks to Paul Barber of HackerRankX, who saved me when I fell off a table!


Jenn Steele

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