5 things you can do NOW to kickstart your business

Congratulations!  You are now a Verified Recruiter with RecruitLoop and a member of what will be the world’s largest online community of talent professionals.

What this means for you

  • You are featured on our website with the big green ‘Verified’ tick
  • We guarantee your professionalism and expertise to our clients
  • You have a unique URL to your public profile – share this to your heart’s content!
  • You are eligible to receive recruitment briefs from RecruitLoop and earn 70% or more of the fee
  • You are supported by RecruitLoop’s marketing strategy
  • You get a free template for your RecruitLoop business cards
  • You are provided with invoicing services
  • You are eligible to participate in The Loop, our rewards and recognition program, exclusive to Verified Recruiters
  • You will have the opportunity to star in your very own Recruiter Spotlight, a regular blog post we publish to promote our Verified Recruiters

But you don’t need to wait for us to send you a project.

In fact, our attractive commission structure encourages you to bring your own clients to the platform.  We actually slash our commission by a massive 50% on these projects!

So, make our brand yours and never look back!

The Top 5 things you can do NOW to kickstart your RecruitLoop business

1.   Set up your RecruitLoop email address

Your @xx.recruitloop.com email address is linked to your RecruitLoop account.  You can access your emails via the Webmail function after you log in to the platform.  The trick here is that the login is slightly different.  You need to login to Webmail using your @xx.recruitloop.com email and the password you use to get into the platform itself.

Or, you can choose a much easier way!  Set up your RecruitLoop email address as a stand-alone Inbox in your email client and on your phone.  This way you will never miss an email and can read it without having to login to the platform.

Make sure your email signature is consistent with the RecruitLoop style guide for added oomph!

2.   Order your RecruitLoop business cards

As a Verified Recruiter, we provide you with a template for your business cards – free of charge!  All you need to do is send it to your printer and Voila!

Just complete this form and we’ll do the rest!  You’ll have your artwork within 1-2 business days

3.   Promote your RecruitLoop profile on LinkedIn

Add your RecruitLoop info to your LinkedIn profile.  You never know who might be needing your services right now! And don’t be afraid to ask your contacts to share the news.

4.   Draft a potential client list for marketing purposes

We know that RecruitLoop has filled a gap in the marketplace for small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and your chance of success in this part of the market is high.  So first up, make a list of all the companies in your area with more than 5 but less than 50 employees and design an email marketing campaign appealing to these companies.

5.  Research local business networking chapters

Local business networking groups are very popular with SME’s and a gold mine for RecruitLoop recruiters.  The cost of joining is a tax deduction, as is the fee for each meeting so you really have nothing to lose!  Jump on the internet and start researching your area now!