Friday Funny: Revisiting The Most (In)famous Video Resume in History

By Michael Overell - Jul. 1, 2011
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The video resume has a sordid history. It was made famous in 1996 by Aleskey Vayner, in a video application he sent to a US investment bank. The title of the video: ‘Impossible is Nothing’. In it, Aleskey is asked a single question – ‘how do some people like you become very proficient in their field much faster than most?’

His six minute response has since become internet folklore. Highlights include a 225kg benchpress, 225 kmph tennis serve, ballroom dancing, and a clean karate chop of seven bricks. Worth revisiting today to brighten up the workday.  Would you hire this guy?

Dr. Douchewell by MemesInYourFace

The video went viral, including with mainstream features in The New Yorker and New York Times.

Since then, the star reportedly withdrew from the spotlight. However, more recent reports had him re-emerging as a potential best-selling author, and aspiring job applicant.

Let us know if the video disappears. Source:


Michael Overell

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