The Next Web Takes an Early Peek at RecruitLoop

By Michael Overell - Jul. 18, 2011
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Joel Falconer over at The Next Web has snuck an early peek at RecruitLoop. We’ve been laying low in terms of publicity and marketing. Rather, our early focus has been on growing the recruiter network and gaining insight from our first client projects.

The article provides a simple summary of the RecruitLoop model, with a few choice quotes:

RecruitLoop essentially makes every step of the hiring process up to the first in-person interview itself an absolute breeze.

While RecruitLoop is still lying low as it works on the platform, they’ve got a working network for Australian businesses: 12 recruiters in Sydney, and currently working on tripling that number with more recruiters from Melbourne and Brisbane. They’ve matched up over 25 employers with candidates since the private beta began several weeks ago, saving users tens of thousands in recruiting agencies by this stage.

Given that recruitment agencies charge upwards of $15,000 per placement, that’s not surprising.

And our favourite:

The company is doing something pretty unique — RecruitLoop’s closest competitor isn’t all that close.

We’re glad The Next Web thinks so. For us, it’s motivation to keep growing, improving and solving the recruitment problems of more and more employers.

Catch the full article here.


Michael Overell

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