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Introducing the RecruitLoop Blog

by Michael Overell
RecruitLoop - 9 years ago

The RecruitLoop Blog is live!

It’s been a busy few months at RecruitLoop in getting the business to launch. The team has been working non-stop to finalise the online product, grow the initial recruiter network and learn from our first client projects. It’s been extremely exciting to watch a new concept evolve into a functioning business. We’re now very happy to launch the RecruitLoop blog.

So what’s it all about?

Our vision at RecruitLoop is to give employers stress-free recruiting. This blog is one of the channels we’ll use to deliver that. What do we mean by stress-free recruiting? We’ll discuss the many ways recruiting is broken – or ‘stressful’ – in subsequent posts. But in short, we envision a world where employers can connect with the right talent at the right time, without the financial or emotional stress that plagues recruitment today.

The RecruitLoop blog will feature tips, analysis, ideas and commentary on how employers can improve recruitment and talent management. We’ll particularly focus on smaller and medium businesses, as we believe they are generally underserved by established ‘solutions’. We’re not planning to ‘sell’ our services through the blog. We’ll leave that to the rest of our website. Rather, we aim to build content that over time adds value to all employers, whether they are RecruitLoop clients or not.

We’ll also publish (or expose?) data and insights on traditional recruitment processes and the industry in general. This is unlikely to make us many friends within the industry. But we can live with that, in the interests of transparency and delivering on our vision.

Who’s involved?

This is a community. We hope for conversation, not one-way monologues. We’d like all readers to engage and comment – we’ll do our best to respond to each one.

Contributors to the Blog will extend beyond the RecruitLoop team. You can expect to hear from consultants within the network (the heart of our community), organisations and individuals who support our vision (‘Friends of RecruitLoop’), industry commentators and experts, and employers. We are open to contributions from everyone in the community – feel free to email us directly with ideas, suggestions and feedback.

This will be the first of many posts. We hope you’ll join us on the journey.