The RecruitLoop “Recruiter Manifesto”

by Bernadette Eichner
RecruitLoop, Recruitment - 6 years ago

I’ve been around the recruitment industry for more years than I care to mention.

During that time I have arbitrated numerous disputes around fees and recruiter service levels. These discussions are usually around the client feeling ripped off or poorly serviced.

Questions like “Why should I pay $10,000 for a candidate that took you only a few hours to find?” or “Why should I pay for poor service – the recruiter was hard to contact and never told me what was happening” were all too familiar.

At RecruitLoop our goal is to give you the best recruitment experience ever.

And to make sure we do, we make 10 hand-on-heart promises.

This is The RecruitLoop Recruiter Manifesto … Our 10 promises to you.

1. We work for you.

We work for you. The client. Not the jobseeker. Not anyone else.

2.  You’re #1.

We only commit when we can deliver the best service to you.

3. We’re in this for keeps.

No one-night stands – an ongoing partnership.

4. No hard sell.

We’re all about your requirements, goals, wishes, and dreams.

5. No rip-offs.

Realistic, upfront proposals. No hidden surprises.

6.  We’re an open book.

No black box. Complete transparency. We have nothing to hide.

7. You’re in the loop.

Constant, timely contact. Your favourite method.

8.  The best candidates.

See #4. You want the best? We find the best.

9. No hidden agenda.

We won’t poach your team or share your secrets.

10. We strive for perfection.

We’re great, but not perfect. We crave your feedback!