Top Interview Questions for Marketing Candidates

By Jenn Steele - May. 13, 2014
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Questions for marketing candidatesToday’s interview questions are near and dear to my heart – questions for Marketing candidates! Marketing roles have changed a lot since the “arts & crafts” & branding orientations of old-fashioned marketing. Whether you call us growth hackers (a phrase I completely despise) or inbound marketers, we have to handle a huge number of tasks, including content creation, conversion rate optimization, SEO, SEM, and lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

I’ll give you a few of my favorite questions at the bottom of this post, but right now I’ll hand the mic over to four of our rockstar recruiters so that they can tell you about their favorite questions for marketing candidates.

Heather TraegerHeather Traeger

  • Sometimes management and colleagues confuse PR, Marketing & Advertising. How would you explain those differences to colleagues, and if there is no PR or advertising specialist on the team and someone comes to you for say, an advertisement or the CEO wants you to represent her at a business breakfast network meeting, what will be your response?

Richard ShermanRichard Sherman

  • This position is focused on building and growing a devoted customer community around a new product. And there is no team to do it with you to start with, so it’s all on you. Tell me why that’s exactly right for you?
  • Think about a company whose brand message you admire from a marketing professional’s perspective. Tell me about it and why you think it is successful? And then tell me how you incorporate your inspiration from their branding to your own marketing work?
  • What’s the biggest, gnarliest, nastiest roadblock you’ve ever encountered in your marketing work? What did you do to get over/through/around it? And what did you learn from that experience?

Ross MacDonaldRoss MacDonald

  • If you were to market yourself in a campaign for this position, what tools, strategy and approach would you use? How would you register its success?
  • Tell me about a campaign/project you managed that didn’t go quite as expected. What did you do to get it back on track? What did you learn from this experience?

Trina BoylanTrina Boylan

  • Can you please tell me about a consumer or customer insight you identified and were able to translate into actionable plans?
  • What is best promotion or campaign you have developed? What was the purpose of the campaign and how did you measure its effectiveness?

And finally, my two favorite questions:

  • I write a conversion data chart on the whiteboard. For various channels, I put up visits, leads, customers, and conversion rates. I then ask, “Given this, where would you attack first? What questions do you have in order to figure out what’s going on here?”
  • Sales needs more leads. What do you ask, and where do you go to find them?

Any other favorite questions for marketing candidates? I’d love to hear them – I have a vested interest!

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Jenn Steele

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