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Webinar: Nailing The Interview Every Time

by Paul Slezak
Hiring Talent, RecruitLoop - 7 years ago

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Have you ever blown an interview? I mean, have you ever just really stuck your foot in your mouth, said something to turn off the person on the other side of the table, and walked away knowing that person would never even want to hear your name again?

Even worse, have you done it as the interviewer?

Look, it happens. You’re running from meeting to meeting, and you barely had time to grab the resume from the printer on your way (late) to pick up the candidate in the lobby. Maybe you spilled coffee on your way there. Maybe you can’t even remember which position this candidate is interviewing for.

Unfortunate things happen all the time. But what if they happen with a superstar candidate? One who is also interviewing for plum roles at other companies? What if this one is a referral from your mentor? What if this is one you can’t afford to lose?

In a perfect world, you’d be able to quickly prep for an interview, know what questions you’re asking the candidate, and have confidence in your ability to fairly evaluate the candidate after the interview. In a perfect world, the candidate will feel like he or she has been heard and will walk away from your company with a great impression – whether or not you make an offer.

While we may not be solving world peace any time soon, we can certainly help you make your interviewing world a little more perfect. Please join us for our webinar:

Nailing the Interview: How to Identify the Right Candidate & Leave a Great Impression.
In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to prep in 15 minutes flat.

  • How to make your candidate feel comfortable.

  • How to get all the information you need, consistently, in a 1-hour interview.

  • How to follow up effectively.

We’ll be taking live audience questions at the end of the webinar, so don’t miss your chance to ask what’s on your mind!

We’re presenting the webinar twice to make it easy for folks worldwide to attend:

Thur 29 August: 11am (PT) // 2pm (ET)  //  4am 30-Aug (Aust, ouch!)

Thur 29 August: 5pm (PT)  //  8pm (ET)  //  10am 30-Aug (Aust)

If you can’t make either time, we’ll send you an email with the recording and the slides if you register.

Click here to register for the webinar!

Hope to see you there!

Paul Slezak