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How AI is Changing the Way We Search for and Acquire Talent

by Paul Slezak
- 3 years ago

There’s no doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is shaking up the recruitment process, and changing the way organisations search for and acquire talent.

Despite the excitement and the scaremongering around the rise of AI and Machine Learning technology, talent attraction and selection is still largely about people placing people for people.

Rather than panicking about how or whether AI will replace the role of the recruiter, it’s time to turn the tables and look how it is in fact revolutionising recruitment today.

In this Panel Q&A Webinar You Will Learn:

    • How AI can help ensure more efficient and fairer candidate screening;
    • What exactly natural language processing technology is;
    • How AI and machine learning will help ‘human recruiters’ make better hiring decisions; and
    • How, by harnessing the power of AI, you can accelerate the short-listing process and concentrate on candidate assessment.

Our expert panelists from, GapJumpers,, and Textio will share their philosophies on this hot topic and reveal how AI can already help in all the time consuming areas of recruitment, such as resume screening, writing job ads, and scheduling candidate interviews … allowing recruiters to focus on the human aspect of the hiring process and offer a more personalised service to candidates, clients, and hiring managers.

AI is the future of recruitment. If you plan to embrace it and become a more efficient recruiter as opposed to hiding under a rock and pretending it will all go away (which it won’t!) you won’t want to miss this fantastic panel Q&A.