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Essential Recruiting Metrics: From Startup to Enterprise

by Kenza Idrissi
- 4 years ago

Metrics are important to understanding the success of any organization. Companies measure their revenue, profitability and market share on a regular basis, but for many hiring managers and business owners the notion of recruiting metrics is often ignored or perhaps even deemed to be irrelevant.

Recruitment metrics can influence and determine the success of the talent acquisition function in any business – from startup to enterprise.

The question is, how do we know which metrics are the most important to measure, and why? Is time to fill more important than quality of hire? Do the metrics you use today drive the right behaviours? How have these shifted as we progress as a tech savvy society?

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What are effective recruiting metrics, what makes them work, and why they are crucial to today’s shifting recruitment landscape;
  • What recruiting metrics really measure and which ones you should / shouldn’t use;
  • The potential pitfalls from solely relying on ‘traditional’ recruiting metrics;
  • How recruiting metrics can directly impact your bottom line; and
  • How you can measure results that create a long-term, positive impact within your organization.

Our 3 expert panelists will share their experiences around how focusing on recruiting metrics has helped shaped their own organizations – whether in the startup ecosystem; in the world of professional services; or at the enterprise level where productivity, retention, efficiency and candidate performance are constantly scrutinized.

If you plan to grow your team and build a sustainable business you won’t want to miss this.

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