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How to Keep Your Sales Team Focused During the Holidays

by Kenza Idrissi
- 5 years ago


For anyone responsible for a sales team, this time of year is never easy.

2015 has flown by in the blink of an eye. And whilst you may be pumped to kick 2016 off to a great start, are your sales people feeling just as energized? Or have they perhaps already taken their feet off the accelerator?

What keeps a team of tenacious, driven, ambitious and often egotistical individuals focused at what can often be a very quiet time of the year for sales? It may surprise you, but it’s actually a lot more than just the lure of a lucrative bonus!

This webinar will provide easy to implement tips and strategies for any sales leader to ensure your team remains focused right through the festive season and storms into 2016 with a vengeance.


  • How to support, recognize and reward at this time of the year;
  • Adjusting goals for individuals and the team; and
  • Instilling a theme of cooperation, competition and contribution.