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How to Manage and Engage Remote Teams

by Kenza Idrissi
- 5 years ago


Having a distributed team can be a huge advantage to any startup. After all, the best talent are not always going to be located in the one place. However, it can also bring some unique challenges – particularly when it comes to managing and engaging the remote team members.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to manage teams in remote locations;
  • How to engage remote team members and keep them motivated; and
  • Lessons and war stories from experts who have managed hundreds of remote team members.

We’ll be joined by Fraser Stark, VP Talent & Director of Consumer Markets at Influitive, as well as Whitney Naquin, HR Generalist at GitHub together with Sam Lambert, Director of Technology at GitHub. All three panelists have extensive experience managing remote teams in locations across the US as well as internationally.

They will share their experiences and insights gained from managing distributed teams, as well as their tips on what it takes to keep remote team members engaged.