We’re Very Sorry…

By Jenn Steele - Apr. 8, 2014
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Paul is very sorryAs you may have noticed, we try very hard to be transparent, and so we need to correct something that was previously announced on our blog.

We previously announced that we had launched a global partnership with NPA – the worldwide recruiting network. We even told you about going to their conference in New Orleans. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Now, however, we have to announce that we are no longer partners with NPA.

A vocal minority in the NPA didn’t like the statement on our homepage of “say goodbye to outrageous recruitment fees.” This minority took their board to task, and the board chose to sever our alliance.

To this, we’d like to say that we’re very sorry.

We’re very sorry that this vocal minority can’t see that recruitment is broken and needs to be fixed precisely because of the outrageous fees and lack of transparency.

We’re very sorry that the board of NPA was swayed by this vocal minority, but not by the recruiters who are already on our platform. Many of whom have already gotten business.

We’re very sorry that the NPA recruiters who don’t want to change will miss out on the business that RecruitLoop can provide them.

We’re very sorry that we’re unwilling to compromise our message about the industry’s outrageous fees. Because clients tell us the fees ARE outrageous and our model is not.

Wait – sorry. We lied. We’re not sorry about that last one.

In fact, there are a bunch of things that we’re not sorry about.

We’re not sorry that our clients have saved millions of dollars (yes, millions – we ran the numbers) on outrageous recruitment fees.

We’re not sorry that our 150 recruiters in 10 countries are growing their businesses with RecruitLoop clients.

We’re not sorry that we’ve met some totally awesome NPA recruiters via our short-lived alliance.

We’re not sorry that NPA recruiters on our platform have already gotten business via RecruitLoop.

In fact, we’re so not sorry that we’d like to publicly tell any NPA members out there who are still interested in being on the cutting edge of recruitment that they are more than welcome to join us. (And if you’re not an NPA recruiter, come on and join us via this page!)

So… we might not be that sorry after all. If anything, it looks like we may be doing something right. But it’s the thought that counts.

The image is of Paul. He’s not sorry – he’s just a good actor.


Jenn Steele

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