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What I Wish I’d Known at the Beginning of 2012

by Paul Slezak
Leading People, News, RecruitLoop - 7 years ago


Towards the end of last year I attended quite a few Christmas parties and end of year networking functions.

Walking into a crowded room where in some cases I would have only known the host of the event, I decided to go along armed with a question that I would be able to use to strike up a conversation with somebody I was meeting for the very first time.

It didn’t take me long to realise that this question would also come in handy whenever I found myself having to break any awkward silences.

“What’s one thing you wished you had known at the beginning of 2012?”

Given that this is the first RecruitLoop blog post for 2013, I thought it appropriate to share a few of the responses people shared with me (anonymously of course) as they reflected on their previous 12 months.

Some responses were directly related to the world of work …

I wish I knew earlier that my boss only got there by doing his time rather than because he knows more than me. (So jump ship early and go it alone)!

I wish I knew just how damn hard it would be to find good staff.

I wish I’d known how being super organised would be so liberating … not constraining.

I wish I’d negotiated before signing. A six month probation after they headhunted me? What on earth was I thinking?

I wish I knew that I would spend more time writing status updates on social media platforms for work rather than actually living my life!

I wish I’d known that hiring more sales staff doesn’t necessarily mean more profit!”

I wish I would have known what my long promised end of year bonus was going to be. That would have saved me from doing the all the long hours that the year saw me do.

I wish I’d known how challenged I was going to be both professionally and emotionally. (But I am definitely feeling a lot more respected and appreciated for it.)

… Others more around pop culture and life outside the office.

I wish I knew that the world wasn’t going to end on December the 21st. (Now I have nothing left to do on my bucket list)!

I wish I’d realised earlier that I wasn’t invincible.

I wish I knew that neon was going to make a comeback in the fashion world!

I wish I’d known how much harder being a mum would be than any top level management role I’d ever held!

I wish I knew just how terrible Apple Maps would be!

I wish I had known that property prices in Hong Kong would continue to go through the roof.

I wish I’d known that macaroons were going to become the most popular biscuit on every cafe menu!


For me personally … I wish I could have predicted that by the end of the year some guy called Psy would have the whole world dancing Gangnam Style!

Of course I guess this quote would ring true every year. “I just wish I knew then what I know now”.
What do you wish you’d known at the beginning of 2012??


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