Yeah, we’ll be at the 2013 HR Technology Conference

By Jenn Steele - Oct. 1, 2013
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elastic recruitingHello? Anyone listening?

Eh, might not matter.  After all, if you’re going to the 2013 HR Technology Conference, you’re getting inundated by folks telling you to stop by their booths because they have the shiniest, bestest, awesomest technology and products ever.

And you should probably go to a lot of their booths. If only to get a new mug or keychain. Or, sometimes, something actually useful. Like a beer koozie.  That’s usually useful. In fact, we wouldn’t mind a few ourselves (if you have a few to spare, please feel free to drop them by booth 1400. Including beer in them means we’ll love you. Including good beer in them means we’ll love you forever.).

Our booth, though? You might not want to stop by.  In fact, please don’t. Don’t stop by if you want to see something big and shiny. Or if you want another T-shirt. We don’t have T-shirts. Or mugs. Or beer koozies (although in writing of this post we’ve realized that we might want to fix that for next year).

We don’t really want to see you, though. Well, okay. We do (maybe). We only really want to talk to you if you’re in hiring pain and need a hand. We’ll only hang out if you want to explore Elastic Recruiting and see how it can stretch your time and budget with expert recruiters (Get it? Stretch? Oh, nevermind.).

We want to see you, but only if you want to see how a startup is trying to ‘toss a spanner in the works’ of the recruitment industry (American translation: toss a monkey wrench in the works).

Oh, or we might want to talk to you if you’re a mean hand with a rubber band gun. After all, what’s the fun of having Elastic Recruiting if you can’t play with stretchy things? See how you do on our leaderboard. Do well enough, and we’ll give you something, but it won’t be a beer koozie. Alas… (next year)

Okay, okay. We’ll admit that we actually like talking to humans, too. Overall, though, we might talk to you at booth 1400. Or not. You may not be ready yet.


Jenn Steele

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