Engineering Manager Job Openings - 213 Jobs

  • Estimated Salary

    Engineering Manager
    Caci International

    Ashburn, VA

  • Estimated Salary

    Engineering Manager
    Caci International Inc.

    Ashburn, VA

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    Software Engineering Manager
    Howard Hughes Medical Institute

    Ashburn, VA

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    Engineering Operations Technician

    Ashburn, VA

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    Civil Engineering Designer
    Toll Brothers

    Ashburn, VA

  • Estimated Salary

    Senior Director,

    Ashburn, VA

  • Estimated Salary

    Senior Director,

    Ashburn, VA

  • Estimated Salary

    Principal Splunk Engineer and Analyst

    Ashburn, VA

  • Estimated Salary

    Principal Splunk Engineer and Analyst
    Verizon Communications

    Ashburn, VA

  • Estimated Salary

    Principal HCM Cloud Technical Solutions Manager

    Ashburn, VA

Engineering Manager Jobs



  • Getting Information
  • Making Decisions and Solving Problems
  • Interacting With Computers
  • Communicating with Supervisors, Peers, or Subordinates
  • Analyzing Data or Information
  • Deal with People
  • Mostly Sitting
  • Make Decisions
  • Stressful

What does an Engineering Manager do

Architectural and engineering managers plan, direct, and coordinate activities in architectural and engineering companies.


Architectural and engineering managers typically do the following:

  • Make detailed plans for the development of new products and designs
  • Determine staff, training, and equipment needs
  • Propose budgets for projects and programs
  • Hire and supervise staff
  • Lead research and development projects to produce new products, processes, or designs
  • Check the technical accuracy of their staff’s work
  • Ensure the soundness of methods their staff uses
  • Coordinate work with other staff and managers

Architectural and engineering managers use their knowledge of architecture or engineering to oversee a variety of activities. They may direct and coordinate production, operations, quality assurance, testing, or maintenance at manufacturing sites, industrial plants, engineering services firms, and research and development laboratories.

Architectural and engineering managers are responsible for developing the overall concept of a new product or for solving the technical problems that prevent the completion of a project. To accomplish this, they must determine technical goals and produce detailed plans. 

Architectural and engineering managers spend a great deal of time coordinating the activities of their staff with the activities of other staff or organizations. They often confer with other managers, including those in finance, production, and marketing, as well as with contractors and equipment and materials suppliers.

In addition, architectural and engineering managers must know how to prepare budgets, hire staff, and supervise employees. They propose budgets for projects and programs and determine staff, training, and equipment needs. These managers must also hire people and assign them specific parts of each project to carry out. Architectural and engineering managers supervise the work of their employees, set schedules, and create administrative procedures.

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how to become an Engineering Manager

Architectural and engineering managers typically need at least a bachelor’s degree and considerable work experience as an architect or engineer.


Most architectural and engineering managers have at least a bachelor’s degree in an engineering specialty or a professional degree in architecture.

Many also gain business management skills by completing a master’s degree in engineering management (MEM or MsEM) or technology management (MSTM) or a master’s degree in business administration (MBA). Some workers earn their master’s degree before advancing to management positions, and others earn it while they work as a manager. Employers will sometimes pay for such education. Typically, those who prefer to manage in technical areas pursue an MsEM or MSTM and those interested in more general management skills earn an MBA.

Engineering management programs usually include classes in accounting, engineering economics, financial management, industrial and human resources management, and quality control.

Technology management programs typically provide instruction in production and operations management, project management, computer applications, quality control, safety and health issues, statistics, and general management principles.

Work Experience in a Related Occupation

Managers advance to their positions after years of employment as an architect or engineer. They usually have experience working on difficult or complex projects, developing designs, solving problems, and making decisions. Before moving up to a management position, they also typically gain experience leading engineering teams. 

Important Qualities

Analytical skills. Architectural and engineering managers must evaluate information carefully and solve complex problems.

Communication skills. Architectural and engineering managers oversee staff and work together with other levels of management. They must communicate orders effectively and lead teams to meet goals. 

Detail oriented. Architectural and engineering managers must pay attention to detail. Their duties require an understanding of complex systems since a minor error can cause major problems.

Math skills. Architectural and engineering managers use calculus and other advanced mathematics to develop new products and processes.

Organizational skills. Architectural and engineering managers keep track of many workers, schedules, and budgets simultaneously.

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Engineering Management

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Real Engineering Manager Salaries

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Job Title Company Location Start Date Salary
Research Engineer Manager Netflix, Inc. Los Gatos, CA Oct 11, 2015 $500,000
Engineering Manager Netflix Los Gatos, CA Nov 19, 2015 $370,200
Engineering Manager Worleyparsons Group, Inc. Houston, TX Mar 09, 2015 $322,421
Engineering Manager Autel Robotics USA LLC San Ramon, CA Nov 15, 2016 $300,000 -
Osmr Engineering Manager LNG Management Services LLC Houston, TX May 01, 2015 $295,000
Engineering Manager Netflix Los Gatos, CA Jul 20, 2015 $270,000
Engineering Manager Facebook, Inc. Menlo Park, CA May 09, 2016 $260,647
Engineering Manager Apache Corporation Houston, TX Sep 28, 2015 $258,320
Engineering Manager Facebook, Inc. Menlo Park, CA Nov 04, 2016 $250,000
Engineering Manager Toyota Research Institute Inc. Cambridge, MA Nov 04, 2016 $250,000 -

Top Skills for a Engineering Manager

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Top Engineering Manager Skills

For engineering manager jobs, , companies seek candidates with the following abilities:
  1. NEW Product Development
  2. Facility
  3. Project Management
Here’s how the most requested skills appear on resumes:
  • Led new product development initiatives utilizing Solid Works.
  • Directed start-up, maturation and decommission of facility.
  • Integrate engineering with sales to develop quote procedures, engineering document controls and project management through ISO certification.
  • Work daily to improve the safety communication and influence between the salaried staff and associates within the facility.
  • Managed the Engineering department consisting of Electrical, Mechanical, Graphics, and Software Engineers.

Product Line, Additional, Safety, Cost Reduction, Supplier, CAD, Engineering Department, Reliability, Project Management, Cost Savings, Software Development, Windows, Technical Support, Direct Reports, Process Improvement, Product Design, NEW Product Development, Sigma, Facility, Engineering Group

Top Engineering Manager Employers

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Top 10 Engineering Manager Employers

Engineering Manager positions seems to be very popular at Intel Corporation where they currently get hired the most.

Engineering Manager job seekers will have an easy time finding open jobs at these firms:
  1. Hewlett Packard
  2. Navistar
  3. Northrop Grumman
  4. Johnson Controls

At the end of the day, Engineering Manager candidates can currently find jobs at 10 companies.

Intel Corporation, Hewlett Packard, Navistar, Northrop Grumman, Johnson Controls, Texas Instruments, Microsoft, Bae Systems, Lockheed Martin, Rain Bird Corporation

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