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  • Performer (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)

    If you cannot attend a live audition, please submit a performance reel highlighting your talents to bgwauditions@seaworld.com with the subject line "2023 Submission." Live auditions will be held at the Busch Gardens Williamsburg Entertainment Office (1 Busch Gardens Blvd, Williamsburg, VA 23185).
    $21k-27k yearly est.Easy Apply13d ago

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Average Salary For an Entertainer

Based on recent jobs postings on Zippia, the average salary in the U.S. for an Entertainer is $51,601 per year or $25 per hour. The highest paying Entertainer jobs have a salary over $108,000 per year while the lowest paying Entertainer jobs pay $24,000 per year

Updated March 18, 2023
Average Entertainer Salary
$57,682 yearly
$25 hourly

5 Common Career Paths For an Entertainer


Nannies are family employees who are primarily responsible for taking care of children in the family's house. They are usually tapped to take care of the kids while the parents are at work or away on vacation. Their responsibilities include preparing food for the children, feeding the children, bathing them, dressing them up, ensuring that they take a nap, playing with them, and tucking them to bed at night. They also ensure that the schedule set by the parents is being followed. They may also do other household chores such as cleaning, watering the plants, washing the dishes, among others.


Instructors are responsible for imparting knowledge to students. They are well-versed in different topics related to their area of teaching. They prepare lessons, create presentation materials and other collaterals, and present these to the students. They manage the classroom and ensure that students are attentive. Instructors are also responsible for creating ways to check the students' knowledge retention through schoolwork and examinations. They also evaluate their teaching style as well to further improve their skills for the next batch of students. Instructors should be patient, creative, and well-versed in classroom management.

Dance Instructor

A dance instructor teaches a variety of dance styles and techniques to students from beginner to advanced level. Dance instructors must choreograph routines for their students and select the proper music for recitals and concerts. They evaluate the performance of their students and provide suggestions and recommendations for improvement. Dance instructors can specialize in one or more dance genres such as ballet, ballroom, or hip-hop. They also can find employment at schools, dance studios, and community centers.

Team Leader

Team leaders are responsible for managing a team for a specific project or work component. They primarily guide the team members and ensure that they are still working towards the set goals. Team leaders create strategies to reach goals, cascade the goals and strategies to team members, assign tasks, conduct periodic check-ups on the roadmap towards the goals, foster an engaging work environment, motivate and coach team members, monitor team performance, evaluate the strategies and come up with mitigating plans as needed. They are also responsible for reporting the team's progress to higher management.


Tutors are individual contributors who make sure that students assigned to them can understand classroom lessons. They are often full-time educators themselves, but they may also be working in other fields and are only passionate about teaching. Tutors usually meet students after school to go over any lesson that the students find challenging. They assist students with their homework or other schoolwork that the students may need help in. At times, tutors are tapped to help students study for future lessons, meaning that they go through classroom lessons in advance.

Illustrated Career Paths For an Entertainer