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How much does Everspin Technologies pay?
The national average salary for an employee at Everspin Technologies is $84,192 per year or $40.48 per hour. There is a significant gap between the bottom 10 percent of earners and the top 10 percent of earners. The lowest-paid workers at Everspin Technologies make less than $51,000 a year, while the highest-paid workers can earn over $137,000. Show More
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Everspin Technologies SALARIES BY DEPARTMENT

Our data shows that different departments at Everspin Technologies pay different salaries. Our data shows that employees in Protective Services roles earn the highest wages at Everspin Technologies, with an average yearly salary of $97,939. The Business Operations organizational function also pays relatively high compared to other departments, where employees earn $90,174. On the lower end of the pay scale, the Installation, Maintenance & Repair and Computer & IT functions pay lower wages, with average employee salaries of $64,123, and $82,915, respectively.
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Everspin Technologies Competitor Salaries

Competitors of Everspin Technologies include KPMG, Ondot Systems, Inc., and Roqa. The wages at KPMG average higher than the other similar companies, where the median salary is $86,635 per year. The salaries at Ondot Systems, Inc. average $86,254 per year, and the salaries at Roqa come in at $81,969 per year.

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