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    Average Salary For an Executive Administrator

    Based on recent jobs postings on Zippia, the average salary in the U.S. for an Executive Administrator is $52,855 per year or $25 per hour. The highest paying Executive Administrator jobs have a salary over $77,000 per year while the lowest paying Executive Administrator jobs pay $35,000 per year

    Updated January 26, 2023
    Average Executive Administrator Salary
    $52,855 yearly
    $25 hourly

    5 Common Career Paths For an Executive Administrator

    Office Manager

    Office managers oversee the entire workplace. They maintain office processes and services to ensure that everything is running well. They manage office supplies by managing inventory and procurement procedures. They also device filing systems, create needed and relevant office policies, and ensure that all the policies are being followed. As a way to make sure that the office is in top shape, office managers supervise most of the logistical aspects inside the office. They also provide support to both management teams and the rest of the employees. They often act as the bridge between the two and would sometimes even assist in the training of new employees.


    Managers are responsible for a specific department, function, or employee group. They oversee their assigned departments and all the employees under the department. Managers are responsible that the department they are handling is functioning well. They set the department goals and the steps they must take to achieve the goals. They are also in charge of assessing the performance of their departments and their employees. Additionally, managers are responsible for interviewing prospective candidates for department vacancies and assessing their fit to the needs of the department. Managers also set the general working environment in the department, and they are expected to ensure that their employees remain motivated.

    Executive Assistant/Office Manager

    An executive assistant/office manager specializes in administrative support tasks within an office or an organization. One of their primary responsibilities includes assisting the director or head of an office by responding to calls and inquiries, handling correspondence, arranging appointments and meetings, managing schedules, and reporting necessary updates. They must also monitor inventory and procure necessary supplies, process documentation, and perform other tasks to support staff. Furthermore, an executive assistant/office manager may take part in the preparations and approval of the payroll, budget, and other necessary databases concerning employees and departments.

    Assistant To Executive Vice President

    Assistants to executive vice presidents are responsible for managing the day to day operation and administrative activities of the executive vice presidents. They have varied roles and responsibilities, which include organizing the workflow of the executive vice president, preparing for meetings, and monitoring schedule. They are also expected to respond to the electronic mail as per the VP's request, prepare papers and documents, and handle all aspects of the VP's vacation and travel. This position is essential in helping the VP manage and prioritize competing demands for attention and time.

    Assistant Manager

    An assistant manager provides assistance and support to the direct manager in ensuring that the business runs smoothly with guaranteed satisfaction. An associate manager helps organize daily projects and manages employees to make sure that tasks are being done in a timely and accurate manner. Assistant managers are also expected to develop a good relationship with the whole workforce and clients to contribute to a successful and healthy workplace. An assistant manager is also required to present practical strategies for business growth, monitor daily operations, and communicate with clients for any possible suggestions and complaints.

    Illustrated Career Paths For an Executive Administrator