Research Summary. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for an executive sales representative. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of executive sales representative resumes they appeared on. For example, 9.8% of executive sales representative resumes contained patients as a skill. Let's find out what skills an executive sales representative actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

  • The most common hard skill for an executive sales representative is patients. 9.8% executive sales representatives have this skill on their resume.
  • The second most common hard skill for an executive sales representative is product knowledge appearing on 9.8% of resumes. The third most common is oncology on 7.8% of resumes.
  • Three common soft skills for an executive sales representative are customer-service skills, interpersonal skills and physical stamina.

Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for an executive sales representative. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of executive sales representative resumes they appeared on. For example, 9.8% of executive sales representative resumes contained patients as a skill. Let's find out what skills an executive sales representative actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

15 Essential Executive Sales Representative Skills For Your Resume And Career

1. Patients

Here's how patients is used on executive sales representative resumes:
  • Conducted educational in-services with physicians and staff members to increase product awareness and communicate clinical / therapeutic benefits for patients.
  • Buy and Bill, Injection Network and Specialty Pharmacy reimbursement experience with Medicare Part B and D and commercial patients.
  • Ensured that the company, doctors, and patients stayed compliant with FDA and other Government standards.
  • Analyze and implement action plans to improve products awareness and access to more patients.
  • Mastered product information, providing health care providers with optimal solutions to assist patients.

2. Product Knowledge

Product knowledge is the skill of having better information and knowledge about the product you are selling. Product knowledge is essential for the employees of the companies so they can communicate and inform the customers about the product. Having great product knowledge is essential for a better sales pitch and to give the customer a better and complete idea of the product that will influence him to buy the product eventually.

Here's how product knowledge is used on executive sales representative resumes:
  • Incorporated and utilized extensive technical and scientific information to provide product knowledge and guidance to customer base.
  • Instructed 50-100 sales personnel on product knowledge/placement/lifestyle concepts and effective client service and management/business analysis.
  • Key territory competencies included territory management, product knowledge, resource utilization and problem solving.
  • Display product knowledge through presentations and equipment demonstrations.
  • Decreased travel expense by trainers and managers, increased product knowledge of teams, improved best practices and sales techniques.

3. Oncology

Oncology is defined as the facet of medicine that deals with cancer. Oncology also deals with the prevention and diagnosis of these diseases. A medical professional who has studied the discipline of oncology is referred to as an 'oncologist'. An oncologist can further specialize in their discipline and become a medical oncologist, surgical oncologist, or radiation oncologist.

Here's how oncology is used on executive sales representative resumes:
  • Assisted with development and training of Oncology Education program
  • Managed oncology business in Central NJ promoting portfolio to hospital teaching centers, cancer treatment clinics and private practice settings.
  • Detailed asthma/allergy, oncology and hepatitis products to healthcare providers and oversaw contracts at 8 hospitals.
  • Promoted Neurology, Gastroenterology, and Oncology products to a broad variety of medical specialties.
  • Called on customers in oncology, pulmonology urology, cardiology, neurology, OB/GYN, psychiatry, gastroenterology and primary care.

And if you’re looking for a job, here are the five top employers hiring now:

  1. AstraZeneca Jobs (9)
  2. Novartis Jobs (28)
  3. Eli Lilly and Company Jobs (116)
  4. Sanofi US Jobs (129)
  5. Cengage Learning Jobs (10)

4. Account Management

The process of strengthening the relationship between a company and client is called account management. Effective account management has two key objectives, one is to retain loyal customers and the second one is to help the company grow by creating connections with new customers.

Here's how account management is used on executive sales representative resumes:
  • Assisted with account management for a food broker with emphasis on high volume food procurement for non-profit organizations and correctional facilities.
  • Account management, troubleshooting and satisfaction responsibility for clients in territory.
  • Demonstrated strong business acumen and account management abilities while assisting management.
  • Resolved all consumer account management issues
  • Applied a total account management approach to all customer interactions -Leveraged resources to provide value and to support goal attainment.

5. Territory Management

Here's how territory management is used on executive sales representative resumes:
  • Achieved and exceeded sales quotas consistently by strategic targeting and effective territory management.
  • Conduct territory management in concert with other territory team members including specialty overlay.
  • Developed strong territory management and outside sales experience.
  • Worked as a regional training lead on territory management systems for new reps.
  • Demonstrate thorough knowledge of sales and prescription data, as well as the ability to apply this data to territory management.

6. Customer Satisfaction

Here's how customer satisfaction is used on executive sales representative resumes:
  • Facilitated customer satisfaction while strengthening client retention and loyalty.
  • Developed and implemented company's first National Long Term Care In-Service Template resulting in 50% increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Earned multiple Certificates of Achievement for customer satisfaction which led to consistent generation of revenue for the company.
  • Initiated several programs that standardized employee training and led to increase in customer satisfaction by 40%.
  • Ensured customer satisfaction and service was at an exceedingly high level, 100% of the time.

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7. Sales Growth

Here's how sales growth is used on executive sales representative resumes:
  • Formulated marketing and business development strategies for sales growth.
  • Achieve year over year sales growth for the last four years by growing customer relationships and driving new product delivery.
  • Provided Houston Area Reps with an effective forum to strengthen customer relationships and drive sales growth across the city.
  • Promoted to Executive Sales Representative in 2004 in recognition of consistent sales growth and company leadership.
  • Added 10 new retailers in Texas, resulting in $2M in sales growth.

8. Neurology

Neurology is one of the branches of medical science that deals with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and other disorders in the nervous system of a person. This system plays an important role in keeping the brain functional and coordinated very well. The main areas of neurology include the central, autonomic, and peripheral nervous system.

Here's how neurology is used on executive sales representative resumes:
  • Attended American Academy of Neurology (AAN) and American Epilepsy Society (AES) meetings.
  • Promoted Paxil CR and Requip to Neurology and Psychiatry Specialists.
  • Field Arm Pharmacy Liaison Disease states: Respiratory, depression, osteoporosis, gastrology, neurology, rheumatology and urology.
  • Marketed respiratory, dermatology, podiatry, neurology products to pediatricians, asthma/allergy, dermatologists, & family doctors.
  • Spearheaded sales promotions and marketing initiatives for a special territory generating over $1M in Neurology and Psychiatry products.

9. Sales Strategies

Here's how sales strategies is used on executive sales representative resumes:
  • Coordinated sales strategies involving product pricing, sales promotion of adopted materials, and packaging of both print and software products.
  • Engineered and implemented launch of innovative mobile CAT scan service, including development of regional marketing and sales strategies.
  • Leverage in-depth product expertise and keen knowledge of successful sales strategies to realize consistent sales increases.
  • Developed specific sales strategies and tactics to decrease the competitive threat and increase market share.
  • Conducted sales and trend analysis to help identify key targets and sales strategies.

10. Call Planning

Here's how call planning is used on executive sales representative resumes:
  • Advanced selling dialogue through progressive pre-call planning, understanding customer needs, translating product features into benefits & gaining customer commitment.
  • Performed extensive pre-call planning and monitored competitive activity to determine where and how market share could be gained.
  • Utilize prescription and managed care data for precall planning and successful sales appointments.
  • Utilized analytical data to help effective pre call planning and strategic messaging to grow both volume and share.
  • Recognized by my District Manager as consistently exceeding expectations in Pre-Call Planning and Product Discussion.

11. Sales Results

Here's how sales results is used on executive sales representative resumes:
  • Promoted to Career Level 5 in 2008 to Executive Territory Manager based on continuing medical course work and top sales results.
  • Performed with consistent year to year sales results for the company leading to 3 promotions and 3 President Cup awards.
  • Achieved stellar sales results for 28 years promoting pharmaceuticals to many specialties across different geographies.
  • Promoted from Senior Sales Representative in 2004 based on exceptional sales results and leadership qualities.
  • Promoted to Senior Sales Representative based on sales results and CMR credits in 2010.

12. Healthcare Professionals

Here's how healthcare professionals is used on executive sales representative resumes:
  • Organized, directed and delivered sales presentations to healthcare professionals.
  • Promote ethical pharmaceuticals to physicians, managed care organizations, pharmacies, hospitals, and allied healthcare professionals.
  • Trained in Buy and Bill; assisted allied healthcare professionals to navigate the reimbursement paradigm for specialty medicines.
  • Provide accurate information to physicians and other healthcare professionals so that products will be prescribed when indicated.
  • Established, strengthened, and maintains productive relationships with key healthcare professionals.

13. Market Share Growth

Market share growth is defined as the continuous growth of a company's product or service in a specific market. When a company's market share is growing it indicates that the company is growing its revenue faster than its competitors. Market share is a percentage of the market that is controlled by a company's products and services. For example, Apple phone sales make up 41% of the overall smartphone market in the US. It means that Apple's market share in the US is 41%.

Here's how market share growth is used on executive sales representative resumes:
  • Established relationships with key thought leaders utilizing strategic business management to increase market share.
  • Demonstrated a consultative selling approach to increase market share within assigned geography.
  • Established and maintained relationships with physicians to enhance product and disease state knowledge to have an impact on market share growth.
  • Achieved Ruby level WINNER'S CIRCLE in 2009 representing the top 10% in the region for portfolio market share growth.
  • Received three Spirit Awards in 2003 for outstanding territory performance and two awards in 2002 for exceeding market share growth targets.

14. Disease State

Here's how disease state is used on executive sales representative resumes:
  • Provide expert clinical discussions related to product, competitor and disease state education.
  • Demonstrate solid industry knowledge, accurately representing products for numerous disease states.
  • Promoted prescription products for respiratory and urology disease states.
  • Utilized selling techniques that focused on product and disease state knowledge to enhance customer relationships and education of specific patient types.
  • Implemented a pharmacy initiative program designed to educate major chain pharmacists on disease states and the value of GSK products.

15. Diabetes

Diabetes refers to a disease of uncontrolled sugar levels in the body.

Here's how diabetes is used on executive sales representative resumes:
  • Partnered with diabetes nurse educators to coordinate in-office patient education and injection training.
  • Mentor new staff on respiratory and diabetes segments of cardiovascular portfolios.
  • Coordinate regional and district diabetes and respiratory programs from 2005-Present.
  • Marketed respiratory and diabetes pharmaceuticals in the Tri-State area.
  • Partnered with the top 25 CVS pharmacies throughout territory to assist in the patient diabetes education program roll out in 2010.
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List Of Skills To Add To Your Executive Sales Representative Resume

According to recent trends, the most relevant executive sales representative Resume Keywords for your resume are:

  • Patients
  • Product Knowledge
  • Oncology
  • Account Management
  • Territory Management
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Sales Growth
  • Neurology
  • Sales Strategies
  • Call Planning
  • Sales Results
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Market Share Growth
  • Disease State
  • Diabetes
  • Internal Medicine
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Psychiatry
  • Sales Presentations
  • Dermatology
  • Cardiology
  • Family Practice
  • Endocrinology
  • Product Launch
  • Sales Performance
  • Rheumatology
  • Infectious Disease
  • Product Line
  • Pulmonologists
  • CNS
  • Advisory Boards
  • Pediatrics
  • YTD
  • Trade Shows
  • Educational Programs
  • COPD
  • GI
  • ADHD
  • Strategic Account Management
  • Antibiotics
  • Q4
  • Q3
  • Hypertension
  • Medical Sales
  • Q2

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20. Sales Skills Mastery 1: Sales Training For Beginners


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