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  • Senior Director Cyber Security (Top Secret/SCI)

    $122k-166k yearly est.20d ago
  • Regional Vice President - Federal

    $106k-163k yearly est.2d ago
  • Yardi Director

    $61k-121k yearly est.7d ago
  • KippsDeSanto - Vice President, Aerospace and Defense Investment Banking

    $129k-189k yearly est.3d ago
  • President

    $275k-350k yearlyEasy Apply3d ago
  • Director

    $109k-148k yearly est.3d ago
  • MBC Montgomery County - Connect Director

    $97k-138k yearly est.12d ago
  • Lead Data Security Engineer - Assistant Vice President

    $104k-140k yearly est.5d ago
  • Director, Financial Operations (Customer Success)

    $93k-124k yearly est.12d ago
  • Digital Strategy Officer

    $115k-191k yearly est.5d ago
  • President

    $145k-251k yearly est.Easy Apply8d ago
  • President and CEO

    $241k-413k yearly est.Easy Apply8d ago
  • Vice President of Finance and Operations

    $130k-203k yearly est.8d ago
  • President

    $164k-219k yearly est.Easy Apply8d ago
  • Senior Vice President Strategy and Operations

    $90k-189k yearly est.5d ago
  • Associate Vice President of Enrollment-Goucher College

    $105k-142k yearly est.Easy Apply20h ago
  • President

    $145k-251k yearly est.Easy Apply1d ago
  • Vice President for Academic Programs and Dean (VP/Dean)

    $109k-161k yearly est.Easy Apply4d ago
  • Vice President for Student Records and College Registrar

    $108k-146k yearly est.Easy Apply8d ago
  • President

    $145k-251k yearly est.Easy Apply6d ago

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Average Salary For an Executive Vice President

Based on recent jobs postings on Zippia, the average salary in the U.S. for an Executive Vice President is $216,285 per year or $104 per hour. The highest paying Executive Vice President jobs have a salary over $394,000 per year while the lowest paying Executive Vice President jobs pay $118,000 per year

Updated February 8, 2023
Average Executive Vice President Salary
$202,724 yearly
$104 hourly

5 Common Career Paths For an Executive Vice President

Chief Finance Officer

A chief financial officer is responsible for managing and reviewing the financial status of a company. Chief financial officers' duties include ensuring the accuracy of financial reports, monitoring the company's expenses and budget goals, providing recommendations to prevent financial loss and increase revenues, processing the company's tax obligations, and resolving financial disputes. A chief financial officer must have an impeccable knowledge of the financial industry, updated with the current market trend, and strong leadership and decision-making skills to support the organization's financial department.

Chief Operating Officer

A chief operating officer, also known as a COO, is a high-ranking official who oversees a company or organization's daily administrative and overall operations. They are typically the second in the chain of command, reporting directly to the company's chief executive officer, also known as a CEO. Among their duties include developing strategies and guidelines, reviewing reports, performing assessments, and implementing the company's policies, standards, and regulations. Additionally, they lead and empower staff to reach goals, helping solve issues and concerns when any arise.

Managing Director

A Managing Director oversees workflow and progress, making sure that all operations align within the company or organization's mission or set of goals. They are responsible for crafting strategies, devising effective business plans, and executing guidelines that would nurture a company's growth, and as well as to be the driving force that would direct employees to the company's objectives. Furthermore, a Managing Director must coordinate with those in a higher position, such as the members of the board.

Board Of Directors Member

A board of directors member's role is to represent a particular area or personnel within or outside an organization. They are primarily responsible for attending meetings, understanding concerns and giving a vote, crafting policies that would benefit the company and assets they represent, and then implementing them upon other members' approval. Furthermore, they have the power to make corporate decisions revolving around the workforce and financial matters, all in adherence to a business or organization's vision, mission, and policies.

Chief Marketing Officer

A Chief Marketing Officer defines marketing strategies and oversees all marketing operations of a company. They are responsible for building a highly efficient team of marketing professionals.

Illustrated Career Paths For an Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President Jobs FAQs

Is An Executive Vp Higher Than A Cfo?

No, an executive VP is not higher than a CFO. Typically, however, senior managers are "higher" than vice presidents, although a senior officer may also hold a vice president title, such as executive vice president and chief financial officer (CFO).

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