Questions About Hoffmann-LA Roche Inc Culture

Does Hoffmann-la Roche Drug Test?

Yes, Hoffmann-La Roche drug tests. As a multinational pharmaceuticals and diagnostics company, Hoffmann-La Roche is strict about its drug policy when it comes to its employees. However, it does not appear that they drug test consistently across positions or locations.

Does Hoffmann-la Roche Hire Felons?

No, Hoffmann-La Roche does not hire felons. As a multinational leading healthcare company, they are very careful about who they hire.

Employees work with experimental drugs and personal medical records. It is for these reasons that Hoffmann-La Roche does not consider hiring candidates with a criminal record. They also run an extensive background check on all new hires.

How Do You Answer "Why Are You Interested In Working For Hoffmann-la Roche?"

You answer "why are you interested in working for Hoffmann-La Roche" by focusing on the company and its impressive track record, the company culture, and impressive benefits, as well as your own professional development.

How Do You Write A Cover Letter For A Job At Hoffmann-la Roche?

You write a cover letter for a job at Hoffmann-La Roche by focusing on your skills and experiences that best align with the job at hand and working for a multinational leading pharmaceutical and diagnostics company revolutionizing the game of medicine.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Hoffmann-la Roche?

You have to be 21 years of age or older to work at Hoffmann-La Roche. This is because of the nature of the prescription drugs they manufacture. Most positions at Hoffmann-La Roche require at least a bachelor's degree, if not a master's or doctorate, as well as industry experience.

What Benefits Does Hoffmann-la Roche Offer?

Hoffmann-La Roche offers comprehensive benefits, including health and wellness, paid time off, financial benefits, and employee perks. There are so many awesome benefits to choose from, like their 100% health care premium coverage, unlimited PTO, free breakfast and lunch, as well as daily meditation and yoga sessions.

What Is The Dress Code At Hoffmann-la Roche?

The dress code at Hoffmann-La Roche is business attire. Unless you're working in the research or technical laboratories, then you can dress business-casual.

Hoffmann-La Roche wants their employees to represent their company, which means looking professional whenever you are at work or with a client. They do not allow visible tattoos, facial piercings, or unnatural hair clothes.

Questions About Hoffmann-LA Roche Inc Jobs

What Is The Hiring Process At Hoffmann-la Roche?

The hiring process is somewhat difficult and can involve phone screenings and several onsite interviews. Once you submit your application, the entire hiring process at Hoffmann-La Roche takes around one to two months and includes background and drug tests.