Research Summary. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a farm assistant. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of farm assistant resumes they appeared on. For example, 28.1% of farm assistant resumes contained harvest as a skill. Let's find out what skills a farm assistant actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

  • The most common hard skill for a farm assistant is harvest. 28.1% farm assistants have this skill on their resume.
  • The second most common hard skill for a farm assistant is milking appearing on 7.4% of resumes. The third most common is beef cattle on 7.1% of resumes.
  • Three common soft skills for a farm assistant are dexterity, listening skills and physical strength.

Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a farm assistant. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of farm assistant resumes they appeared on. For example, 28.1% of farm assistant resumes contained harvest as a skill. Let's find out what skills a farm assistant actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

15 Essential Farm Assistant Skills For Your Resume And Career

1. Harvest

Here's how harvest is used on farm assistant resumes:
  • Prepared harvest products for transportation, balancing efficient module volume with acceptable quality standards for pick-up
  • Assist with all aspects of crop farming, including planting, spraying, harvest, etc.
  • Operated tractors, planter, and grain cart during corn and soybean planting and harvest seasons.
  • Harvest and wash produce such as onions, garlic, lettuce, and other seasonal crops.
  • Care for plants from seedlings to harvest as well as pack and process for sale.

2. Milking

Here's how milking is used on farm assistant resumes:
  • Maintained, repaired and overhauled small tools, field equipment, trucks, tractors, milking equipment and buildings.
  • Worked at least 24 hours a week milking, feeding calves, and doing the extra work needed.
  • Prepared the equipment for milking and cleaned up the equipment when finished milking.
  • Served as lead milkmaid, hand milking 2 cows, twice daily.
  • Prepare milking tank and bulk tank equipment for milking process 2.

3. Beef Cattle

Beef cattle are the cattle raised to manufacture meat. The meat of almost mature or mature cattle is mostly called beef. Beef production consists of three stages: cow-calf operations, backgrounding, and feedlot operations. While the main use of beef cattle is meat production, other uses include leather and beef by-products used in shampoo, cosmetics, insulin, candy, and inhalers.

Here's how beef cattle is used on farm assistant resumes:
  • Managed livestock such as beef cattle, beef and dairy show calves, swine, sheep, equine.
  • Care for ~100 head of organic, forage-fed beef cattle from weaning to processing.
  • Assisted in animal husbandry of beef cattle, swine, poultry and horses.
  • Helped with the daily operations of a beef cattle farm.
  • Raised 20 head beef cattle, 40 head goats and 20 head sheep.

And if you’re looking for a job, here are the five top employers hiring now:

  1. Benedictine Health System Jobs (2)
  2. Jordan Company Jobs (2)
  3. Jewel-Osco Jobs (2)
  4. Dunn&Co Jobs (4)
  5. MyPath Careers Jobs (3)

4. Mowing

Here's how mowing is used on farm assistant resumes:
  • Assisted with a variety of farm duties which included: driving tractors and other farm equipment, mowing, painting and cleaning
  • Assisted the company with fixing equipment, driving tractors, mowing lawns, and running errands for the head farmers.
  • Maintain grounds in good, working and safe shape, including mowing, weed-eating, and maintenance on outside equipment.
  • Farm management and assistance with gardening, mowing, irrigation system operation, harvesting plants, weed control
  • Provide general farm maintenance including lawn mowing, fence repair, and basic masonry work.

5. Farm Work

Here's how farm work is used on farm assistant resumes:
  • Recruited, directed and supervised farm workers on crop growing and farm projects.
  • General Farm work i.e spraying, thistles fencing and race maintenance.
  • Managed and maintained beef and swine livestock operations Recruit, coordinate and direct farm workers on crop growing and livestock raising.
  • assist in daily farm work.
  • Milked goats Assisted with farm work Completed chores

6. Farm Animals

Farm animals refers to cows, chickens, goats, and other animals frequently found on a farm. These animals are commonly kept on a farm in order to sell the animal itself for meat or for the goods produced from the animals, such as a chicken's eggs or a cow's milk.

Here's how farm animals is used on farm assistant resumes:
  • Assist in the planting and harvesting of crops and in the care of the farm animals.
  • Preformed care of farm animals that includes feeding, cleaning, and bathing.
  • Farm animals (dairy cows) ambulatory service.
  • Tended to farm animals including cows and goats.
  • Educate the public about farm animals.

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7. Greenhouse

A greenhouse is an enclosed structure - a wall and a roof, generally covered mainly with glass, plastic, or fiberglass, and provides regulated climatic conditions - temperature, humidity, ventilation to protect tender plants or out-of-season plants against heat or cold.

Here's how greenhouse is used on farm assistant resumes:
  • Assisted in seed starting, outdoor and greenhouse planting, weed and pest management and marketing.
  • Support the harvesting of all farm and greenhouse areas following sustainable harvesting practices.
  • Participated in greenhouse work - sowing and caring for seedlings.
  • Assisted with care for garden and greenhouse crops.
  • Build cooling systems for greenhouse as well as light electric and extensive plumbing.

8. Farm Machinery

Here's how farm machinery is used on farm assistant resumes:
  • Repair farm machinery as needed and perform maintenance on all machinery and general farm maintenance.
  • Use of farm machinery including, Tractors, skid loader, dump truck etc.
  • Operated farm machinery, assisted with planting and harvesting, managed care of animals
  • Maintained and repaired farm machinery, equipment, pens, and fences.
  • Conduct periodic checks to ensure safety, and functionality of farm machinery.

9. Livestock Care

Here's how livestock care is used on farm assistant resumes:
  • Farm property general maintenance, machine operation, livestock care
  • Participated in seasonal, on-demand livestock care activities, including operating heavy machinery, structural maintenance, and minor construction.
  • Coordinated appointments via phone for such activities as spraying crops and livestock care.
  • Operated and helped maintain various farm equipment in the field and loaded trailers, livestock care, building maintenance and cleaning
  • Light construction, materials transport, livestock care, farming, tools skills.

10. Routine Maintenance

Here's how routine maintenance is used on farm assistant resumes:
  • Helped with routine maintenance as needed.
  • Managed equipment to ensure optimal performance with routine maintenance.
  • Performed routine maintenance on farm structures using various hand tools and power tools.
  • Preformed routine maintenance and repairs on farm facilities and equipment.
  • Performed routine maintenance including custodial, lawn care, etc.

11. Manual Labor

Any kind of work that is carried out by workers manually instead of using machines is termed manual labor.

Here's how manual labor is used on farm assistant resumes:
  • Served in a variety of fieldwork/machinery operations, repairs, and manual labor.
  • Performed manual labor tasks as needed
  • Harvested crops and assisted with manual labor on organic farms through the WWOOF program in Italy, Puerto Rico, California.
  • Performed manual labor such as picking rock in fields and preparing grain bins - Learned to operate tractors and farm equipment
  • Milked Cows Manual Labor Fed Livestock Trained Livestock Assisted in Administering Medications Cleaned Barn

12. Field Maintenance

Here's how field maintenance is used on farm assistant resumes:
  • Field Maintenance, Farm Help.
  • Washed and conducted minor maintenance on heavy machinery Conducted routine field maintenance Cleaned grain bins
  • Attached twine for training hop's growth pattern* Removed weeds for field maintenance* Replaced broken posts as needed
  • Field maintenance and I operated the Shaker machine and drove tractor.
  • Assisted in crop planting and field maintenance.

13. Pigs

Here's how pigs is used on farm assistant resumes:
  • Tend to basic and specific needs of sick and disabled pot-bellied pigs.
  • Cleaned and repaired pig pen flooring.
  • Repaired pig chutes for unloading.
  • Worked with pigs, goats, sheep, cattle and chickens.
  • Care of pigs: feed, water, castration and load for slaughter Build and repair fence

14. Farm Operations

Here's how farm operations is used on farm assistant resumes:
  • Assisted owner /operator with daily and seasonal dairy farm operations.
  • Assist in Farm operations including running equipment, maintaining equipment, maintaining buildings, cleaning equipment and buildings, ordering supplies
  • Skilled in practical farm operations including plowing, planting, and combining, as well as welding and soldering.
  • Assist in farm operation, village outreach and skills training in South Africa, Zambia, and Namibia.
  • Assisted in general farm operations, including repairing fence lines, feeding, and management of livestock.

15. Equipment Maintenance

Equipment maintenance is any process that includes the use of maintenance methods and procedures to keep the organization's equipment in good and reliable working condition. This may include routine maintenance as well as corrective repairs. The practice takes place in a variety of settings, including catering establishments, industrial factories, manufacturing facilities, hotels, etc.

Here's how equipment maintenance is used on farm assistant resumes:
  • Performed daily maintenance of turf research plots, assisted with irrigation application and maintenance, pesticide application, and equipment maintenance.
  • Farm equipment maintenance, spraying herbicide/fungicide/insecticide, planting, harvesting, ginning, etc.
  • Assisted with chicken operation and farm equipment maintenance and repair on as needed basis.
  • Planned and implemented seeding/planting/harvesting schedules, did general equipment maintenance, and supervised hourly workers and interns.
  • Managed: Irrigation systems/repair crop production/harvest equipment maintenance/service employee management road maintenance metal fabrication/welding misc.
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The eight most common skills based on Farm Assistant resumes in 2023.

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List Of Skills To Add To Your Farm Assistant Resume

According to recent trends, the most relevant farm assistant Resume Keywords for your resume are:

  • Harvest
  • Milking
  • Beef Cattle
  • Mowing
  • Farm Work
  • Farm Animals
  • Greenhouse
  • Farm Machinery
  • Livestock Care
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Manual Labor
  • Field Maintenance
  • Pigs
  • Farm Operations
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Pasture
  • Irrigation Systems
  • RAN
  • CSA
  • GPS
  • General Care
  • Weed Control
  • Vegetable Production
  • Crop Production
  • Shovels
  • Equipment Operation
  • Organic Farm
  • Dairy Cows
  • Mowers
  • Acre Farm
  • Farm Tasks
  • Herd Health
  • Insemination
  • Farm Labor
  • Farm Buildings
  • Family Farm
  • Farm Stand
  • Irrigation Equipment

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Online Courses For Farm Assistants

One of the best ways to acquire the skills needed to be a farm assistant is to take an online course. We've identified some online courses from Udemy and Coursera that will help you advance in your career. Since farm assistants benefit from having skills like harvest, milking, and beef cattle, we found courses that will help you improve these skills.

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1. Discover Best Practice Farming for a Sustainable 2050


The Discover Best Practice Farming for a Sustainable 2050 Course is based on a clear vision: imagine best practice farming for 2050, start to implement these strategies now, all the while making sure it will still be profitable. At UWA we're doing just that with the Future Farm 2050 Project, set on a mixed-enterprise farm in Western Australia and we want you to learn how it can be done in your part of the world. Although this course is based on agriculture, it's not only about farming. It is a...

2. Dairy Production and Management


With the world's first MOOOOO-C, you will gain a broad and comprehensive understanding of all aspects of dairy management such as genetics, nutrition, reproduction, animal health, farm economics, and sustainability of dairy production systems. There's something here for everyone whether you are just looking for the basics or have years of experience in the dairy industry. This is an eight-week course. Each week consists of four to nine video lectures, additional reading materials, and a...

3. Aquaponics Farming & Gardening + Design Case Study


Wether you're thinking of an aquaponics farm or garden this course teaches you the how to's of designing & building one...

4. Unity 2D Game Developer Course Farming RPG


Build the core systems for a 2D Farming RPG game using the Unity game engine and C# in this intermediate Unity course...

5. Sustainable Food Production Through Livestock Health Management


Learn about the impact of infectious disease on sustainable animal-based food production by understanding the science of growth, immunity, and infection and by learning the problem-solving skills needed to advance animal health and food production through optimal management practices. There is a growing global need in agricultural production for a workforce that is capable of integrating knowledge of animal health and production with an understanding of consumer preferences in the context of...

6. Foundations for Assisting in Home Care


This course is intended as a self-study course for those interested in exploring a career as a Home Health Aide or Personal Care Aide...

7. Growing Microgreens for Business and Pleasure


Get a healthy body and wallet - Vertical Farming techniques for Gardeners and Entrepreneurs (Hydroponics and Soil)...

8. Growing Mushrooms Indoors for Business and Pleasure


Learn to grow Oyster and Lion's Mane Mushrooms in small spaces - for Beginner Home Growers and Farming Entrepreneurs...

9. An Introduction to the U.S. Food System: Perspectives from Public Health


A food system encompasses the activities, people and resources involved in getting food from field to plate. Along the way, it intersects with aspects of public health, equity and the environment. In this course, we will provide a brief introduction to the U.S. food system and how food production practices and what we choose to eat impacts the world in which we live. We will discuss some key historical and political factors that have helped shape the current food system and consider alternative...

10. Build Your Own Home Hydroponic Farm


A simple way to grow your own produce year-round in your home or greenhouse using hydroponics...

11. Customer Service Mastery: Delight Every Customer


Master Customer Service using this practical customer care course...

12. Animal & Pet Reiki Energy Healing Certification Course


Animal & Pet Reiki using energy healing is both easy to do and rewarding for all! Obtain certification upon completion!...

13. Learn to Create AI Voice Assistant (JARVIS) With Python


How To Create Artificial Intelligence Assistant With Python (no prior knowledge needed)...

14. Becoming Aquaculture Expert (Part 1)


Learn aquaculture from scratch and get ideas on how to build your own farm...

15. 5G O-RAN (Open RAN): Architecture, Procedures And Use Cases


Path to O-RAN, RAN Functional Splits, Split 7.2x for O-RAN, O-RAN Virtualization, Non & Near RT RIC, Slicing in O-RAN...

16. Learn To Create AI Assistant (JARVIS) With Python


How To Create AI Assistant (JARVIS) With Python Like the One from Marvel's Iron Man Movie...

17. Customer Service, Customer Support, And Customer Experience


Customer service, customer support, and customer experience training. Loyal clients through world-class customer service...

18. Must-Have Tools for Virtual Assistants in 2023


Step by step tutorials for over 30 tools that will make your Virtual Assistant business and productivity skyrocket!...

19. Introduction to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy


Equine therapy & Mental health...

20. Drip Irrigation Design and Installation for Beginners


How to Design, Install and Maintain your Drip Irrigation System...

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