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Franklin County High School Company History Timeline


The people began to see the increasing need of education for their children.On March 4, 1848 the legislature of Mississippi passed an act to establish a system of common schools but differed in the method of its support.


A large part of what is now Lincoln County was a part of Franklin County territory until 1870 when Lincoln County was formed from portions of Franklin, Copiah, Amite, Pike and Lawrence Counties.Many early settlers were indifferent about educating their children and there were but few schoolhouses.

There was no abundance of books and a pupil spent a whole year droning over one thin reader.After 1870 small public schools grew in number.


Among these were 1 Ruth 2 Union 3 Oak Grove 4 Almo 5 Sand Hill 6 McCall Creek 7 Wright Some called it Pine Ridge and 8 Ramah.Up until 1901 there were no public high schools in Franklin County.


English, mathematics, science, and social studies were the basic high school subjects offered.Because of the booming agricultural market, on Tuesday, September 9, 1913, Franklin County Agricultural High School was opened.


In 1921 the school building was finished and the first full school session was taught in it in 1921-22.


Grade twelve was added the second year, 1922-23.


The first graduating class of Meadville High School was the Class of 1936.


In the upper 1940's Lucien school was closed and its students were transferred to McCall School.


The name of the school was changed from McCall Creek School to East Franklin School.Up until 1953 the McCall School District was an independent one.


During the Christmas Holidays of 1969 schools in Franklin County were desegregated.


In 1981, the Franklin County district was split into two high school attendance zones with the opening of Western Hills High School, with Franklin County High now serving primarily the eastern half of the county, including eastern portions of the city of Frankfort.


FCHS opened its doors to students for the first time in 1989.


in 1990, science classrooms and some math classrooms were enlarged, two computer labs were added, and the library was expanded.


In late 2015 Franklin County High School was featured in a national OxiClean commercial.

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