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President Herbert Hoover, who had been behind passage of the 1927 legislation, however, blocked a more comprehensive act with a pocket veto in 1933. It recommended in January 1934 that a federal agency be set up to ensure competition, regulate charges, extend services, and oversee mergers in the communications field.

The FCC came into existence when Congress passed the Communications Act on May 31, 1934, and Roosevelt signed it into law on June 19.

THE HISTORY OF THE FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION (FCC) The Federal Communications Commission was established on June 19, 1934, to replace the outdated Federal Radio Commission.

The commission held its first meeting in Washington on July 11, 1934, and voted unanimously to continue the status quo in broadcast regulation put in place by the Federal Radio Commission.

In 1934, Congress passed the Communications Act, which replaced the Federal Radio Commission with the Federal Communications Commission.

The FCC was also created to help break up some of the communications monopolies that had developed by 1934.

Created in 1934, the FCC took over responsibilities that had been divided between the Interstate Commerce Commission, the United States Post Office and the Department of Commerce.



In 1948, the FCC put a freeze on awarding new television station licenses because the fast pace of licensing prior to 1948 had created conflicts with the signals.


But the FCC did not start granting new television station licenses again until late in 1952.


A significant monopoly that was broken up by the Justice Department was the telecommunications monopoly owned by AT&T. After AT&T was broken up into a series of smaller companies, the government passed the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 and its Impact


In 2014, the idea of "net neutrality" gained momentum as the FCC indicated that it might want to change its stance on allowing Internet providers to limit access to users and website owners who would not pay a premium.


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